Image may contain: one or more people, child, shoes and outdoorIt rained heavily as I walked home. My whole body was completely soaked from head to toe and I shivered as I walked. I knew the rain wasn’t good for my health. The last time I was beaten by a heavy rain, I spent almost two weeks in the hospital but this time, I gave no attention to my health. My heart was completely shattered and I could barely think straight.

Chris was not the first suitor who had disappointment me. Actually, he was going to be the fifth and I was certain it was for the same reason he called off the wedding plans.
I guessed he had probably found out from someone who knew me so well that at 26, I still bed wetted.

I knew I should have told him but I was scared. I couldn’t bare to look him in the eye and spill out something so reproachful.

I grew up being a bed wetter and never really had a dry night in my life. At my early age, my mother would wake me in the morning and if I was wet, she took me to the bathroom, undressed me and washed me. Then she put me over her knee and spanked my butt ten times with her bare hand. But it didn’t change anything, I grew up still wetting my bed. I became a diaper dependent at night as an infant would be.

Sometimes I would dream that I was peeing in a toilet only to wake up and find my whole bed soaked in urine. As a child, I was taken almost every where for a solution but it yielded no results.

I was restricted from going on holidays or any occasion where I had to sleep over.
On campus, it became tough for me and because my parents were not buoyant enough, I had to leave in the school hostel with other girls. There was never a time they didn’t complain of my smelly diapers and I never got along with them.

In my second year on campus, I met Jane a final year student who introduced me to Christ. She assured me that God was going to heal me at the appointment time and I became born again through her.

I was completely devoted to God more than anything and sometimes my parents thought I had taken it too far. But I didn’t relent still. All I ever desired was a dry night without having to wear a diaper.


I stood in front of the road, waiting for the traffic light to turn red as I shivered still. I pulled my scarf off and covered my body but the cold would not cease.

Just then I couldn’t feel the heavy drops of rain. At first I thought the rain had stopped until I looked up, only to find an umbrella over my head.

“Ma’am you need to get away from the rain, you don’t look well”, I heard a masculine voice from behind.

I wasn’t sure if I’d met him before but his voice caught my attention in full speed as though we had known each other for ages.

“Don’t….. Wor…..Wor…worry, I’ll be fine”, I stammered as I shivered.

“With the way you’re shivering? I don’t think so ma’am…. Please allow me take you home, you don’t look well at all.” He insisted and I had no choice but to adhere.

We walked down to where he had parked his car and he opened the front door for me to enter.

“Thanks…”, I said as I entered the car and he nodded his head affirmatively.

As we drove on, I didn’t utter a word to him. My eyes were completely fixed on the windscreen, I watched the rain reduce gradually and all I thought about was the tragedy that had befallen me.

“So where am I supposed to drop you ma’am? “. He asked.

“Oh! Forgive me… It’s at Number 2, Bode street opposite the city mall sir… I’ll be fine there”, I responded immediately, making sure I did not disclose my complete address to him.

We finally arrived and he parked right in front of my street.

“God bless you sir…. I truly appreciate sir…”, I thanked him sincerely. He smiled and waved at me as he drove off. I wasn’t able to get his name and he never bothered to ask for mine either.

I boarded a bike to my apartment and just as I was about to pay the bike man, I realized that my purse was nowhere to be found.

“Kia Madame… Where my moni?” The bike man asked. I stood there, staring at him and I could barely utter a word…

Stay tuned for another episode CLICK HERE THE PERFECT WILL, God bless.

WRITTEN BY: Chioma Jennifer

DISCLAIMER: #This is fictional story

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