Image may contain: one or more people, child, shoes and outdoor“Kai madam! Wey my moni na?” He asked furiously this time and my silence truly angered him.

“em…. em… My purse… I can’t find it again.”

I responded with my heart in my mouth. I was almost freaking out.

“Ah! This stranger must have stolen my purse o!”
I muttered silently to myself. There was no single cash on me and it was already getting late.

“Oga abeg no vex…. They don thief my purse and no money dey my bag,… Abeg make I go borrow money!”

I tried to explain myself to him in vernacular. But it was so hard trying to convince the bike rider.

“Walahi madam I go strip you naked o!”,

He threatened and my fear grew even worse. I checked my wristwatch for the time, it was already past nine in the night. I thought of who to borrow money from and the bike rider already held my dress, screaming; “Ole! Ole! Ole!”.

I wished the ground would open and swallow me at that instant. I was completely humiliated all because of hundred naira. All my problems flashed before my eyes, my bed wetting issues, Christian’s disappointment and worst still, my purse was completely nowhere to be found.

“kai bar ta kadai!… Leave her alone I say!… Ba ka san ta ne a mace!” (You know she is a woman!).

I turned to see who was speaking and to my widest surprise, it was the same man who dropped me off. But then how was he able to locate my house address, since he only dropped me along my street.

“Na wa?”, (how much?) He said in Hausa again and I couldn’t understand a word he spoke.
He brought out his wallet and gave the bike man two hundred naira.
“keep the change “, he said and the bike rider rode off.

“Here”, he handed my purse over to me. “You forgot it in my car”, he explained.

“How did you find me… I mean how did you find where I leave?”, I almost bite my tongue as I asked.

“Your purse had all the information I needed. Besides am sorry for the humiliations… I guess it’s my fault ma’am”,

He said so politely and I was thrilled to bits by his humble gesture of sympathy.

“I certainly owe you a lot sir, God bless for getting me off this mess…. It seems you are a native of the Hausa tribe.”
I assumed, since he spoke their language so well.

“not at all ma’am, am a native of Delta. I actually served in the north and was opportune to learn a bit of their language.” He briefed me a little.

“Oh! Ok… Thanks all the same… Good night”,
I said finally. He smiled and his deep dimples were exposed.

“You’re welcome ma’am…. Have a splendid night”, he said and entered into his car. Just as he drove off, I remembered I didn’t ask for his name again. But then he had gone and it was too late too ask.

I entered my apartment and dashed into my room, refusing to eat anything. I managed to change into my nightwear and was too tired to shower. I made a short prayer and fell asleep in no time.


“Lord! Not again…!”

My whole mattress was soaked in urine. I had slept without remembering to put on a diaper. I guessed the cold also had a hand in it as well. I jumped out of my bed and pulled out the mattress into a bucket.
It was almost six o’clock in the morning. I quickly took a quick shower and prepared for service.

I never really went late to Church and because I led the chorus in the morning, I always made sure I was early enough to begin the praise and worship section.

I arrived at the church as early as seven and as usual I led a wonderful chorus that got the whole congregation on their feet, lifting up their hands to heaven and giving glory to God.
But within me was sorrow clouded up in my heart. I forced myself to smile as I sang until the praise and worship section was over.

All through the service, I was lost in my emotions and could hardly concentrate. I earnestly wanted to speak with Chris, to be sure he meant all he said. As soon as the service was over, I waited for him at the parking lot and stood beside his car.

“Chris!”, I called out to him immediately he arrived.

“Chris please you can’t do this to me, you told me God said I was your wife…. Dear please I’ll die if you leave “, I wept as I spoke. Even though I had promised myself that I wouldn’t cry, I just couldn’t control my emotions.

“Look it was a mistake, the vision wasn’t clear… I thought you were the one I kept seeing in my dreams but it turned out to be another sister”, he said without looking at me and it was as though he was afraid to look into my eyes.

“Ah! Chris… I should have known you only came for looks…. Ah!… Why Chris? Why did you call me a pig then? Why?”,

I wept the more as I spoke, I was becoming bewildered by my present predicament.

“Look Andrea you are a beautiful woman and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t attracted by your untanned beauty but I can’t marry a bed wetter…. Forgive me for calling you a pig . I was only mad when I found out about it.”, he said finally.

My heart was heavy and I was short of words. I watched him enter into his car and drove off.

I couldn’t control the tears that flooded my eyes as I wept profusely……


Stay tuned for the next episode CLICK HERE THE PERFECT WILL

WRITTEN BY: Chioma Jennifer

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