Image may contain: one or more people, child, shoes and outdoorI had returned home from church that Sunday. Completely devastated and frustrated.
I stood in front of my mirror for almost an hour, staring at my physical body. I had got it all, the beauty, the complexion, the height, the perfect figure and a long black natural hair that sometimes made people think I was half cast.
My life was a complete mess and I wished I had never existed. I thought of taking my life but the fear of hell gripped my spirit. All I could do was cry as always.“Lord! When will you take this shame away from me? I can’t take it anymore….take away the beauty, I don’t need it Lord…. All I need is total freedom from this reproach “,

I wept as I prayed for hours. I had never really prayed so much than I did that Sunday evening.

“Lord you told me in the book of Isaiah chapter 54 and verse 4 that I should fear not; for I shall not be put to shame….. You said I Andrea shall forget the shame of my youth and I shall not remember my reproach anymore… Ah! …. Doctor Jesus is there anything too hard for you to do?”,

I went so deep in prayer. And as I prayed, I felt a warm glow touch my face, then my tongue, then my whole body and soon I began to speak in tongues. I had never felt so much sensation the way I felt that evening. I felt revived again and for a while I was relieved.


“You can’t cross over this bridge!”,

A strange being on black said as he tried to resist me from crossing over the pedestrian bridge and I could only wonder why.

The bridge seemed to be the only way to cross over the river. But I was consistently resisted by that being. He held a dagger in his hand and was ready to slaughter if I tried making a move.

“But Why?…. Other people have been crossing over through this bridge, why is my case different?”, I asked anxiously.

“This was where your foundation was laid and so you are going nowhere, you belong to us.”, The strange being said and I was terrified by his words.

The entire island was filled with filthy diapers and little babies occupied the whole land. I watched some women continuously changing the diapers of each child. It was almost like an island of babies.

“No! I don’t belong here, I have out grown this age… Am a woman not a baby! “, I argued with the being this time.

“Every First daughter from your mother’s lineage were bed wetters and you are the first daughter of your mother… You cannot escape from it.”, he said and I was bewildered by his words.

Just then, someone held my right hand and as I turned to look at the person, I was shocked to find out that it was the same man who had given me a ride home the other day.

“you again?! How did you find me here?”, I asked. But he didn’t reply me back.

“We are crossing this bridge together and no being can stop us.”

He said to me and I felt sudden relieve when he said that.

“She is no longer a slave to you but a child of the kingdom…. So move out from our way”,

He pushed the strange being on the ground and held my hand again as we crossed over the bridge together.

Immediately, I woke up and it was only a dream. I couldn’t stop to wonder why I was in such an island. What did the being really mean by every first daughter? My mother never said anything to me about this.

I checked my watch and it was almost seven am and I was late for work. I quickly jumped down from my bed, took a quick bath and prepared for work.

At the office, all that flashed through my mind was the dream. I couldn’t stop to ponder why I saw that stranger in my dream. Who was he? and what did he mean by crossing the bridge together?

Stay tuned for another episode. CLICK HERE THE PERFECT WILL

WRITTEN BY: Chioma Jennifer

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