Image may contain: one or more people, child, shoes and outdoorFor a while I thought I had lost it, I couldn’t seem to match the puzzle before me. What on earth was the relationship between my dream and that stranger? I leaped as I walked into my office and could barely get a grip of myself.

“Lord… What on earth does this mean? Does this man have some sort of supernatural power that could get me off my problem?” I pondered on.

I thought about Christian and my heart burned again. I wished I had told him about my problem before getting deep into courtship, perhaps I wouldn’t be suffering another heartbreak. The dream and all that had happened lately weighed me down and my eyes were soon filled with hot tears. Most of my friends were already married including my younger sister.
I froze on my seat, felt the skin of my arms melding and becoming one with the wooden arms of the chair.

It started to rain heavily that morning and I seemed a bit reluctant to prepare for church.
I sat on my bed, staring at my used diper and for a while I wished I was not born. My face was swollen and my eyes soon turned red. I struggled not to cry but couldn’t hold back the heavy flow of hot tears that flowed freely down my cheeks. I Imagined how awesome life would be for my younger sister Dera and her husband. I am three years older than her but at twenty one, she was already in her husband’s house and had already given birth to her second child earlier that month.

“Why me? Why did I have to be the first daughter? Lord why? Why!”
I spoke so loud to myself as I wept and it was as though I spoke face to face with God.

The breeze following the rain was so cool that I boiled water to bath that morning, although I usually bathed cold water, I didn’t seem to have a choice that morning. I picked out a blue-and-white native dress and tied a blue scarf around my head. I knotted it twice at the back of my neck and then tucked the ends of my cornrows underneath. I looked at the wall clock, a souvenir from my younger sister’s wedding, oval shaped and embossed with ‘Chidera weds Nelson’ written in gold lettering. It was 6:45. I looked through the window and it still rained heavily. The thought of staying back at home and missing Sunday service ran through my head and just as I tried to adhere, I heard a voice from within. It was my conscience and it was so loud and clear.

“What shall separate you from the love of Christ?”

My heart wavered. I quickly drew out an umbrella and headed straight away to the bus stop. I stood at the bus stop waiting for a cab to pass by but there didn’t seem to be a sign of any vehicle. I was almost frustrated and wished I’d stayed indoors until the rain was over. My dress was almost drenched and I struggled with the heavy wind that blew my umbrella from side to side.

I shivered and my eyes were tightly shut as I made a quick prayer.

“Dear Lord please get me out of this storm.” It was quick and firm.

I stood under the heavy rain shivering when a Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV nosed its way in front of me. I tried to look through the windscreen to see who it was but it was tinted. Soon the glass was wind-down.

“Ma’am get in quickly”, it was a male voice and it sounded familiar. I was left with no choice but to get into the vehicle.

“You?!…. How did you…..?”

I was completely speechless and couldn’t seem to find the right words. It was the same stranger and I could only wonder what on earth he was doing in my street and why did he have to be the answer to my quick prayer.

“Ma’am why do you enjoy getting soaked under the rain?” He asked, looking deep into my eyes and I froze on my seat.

“Who are you sir?”

I asked in an infirm tone. I took a deep breath and prayed I would not stutter. He smiled and said nothing.

“Why do I keep seeing you everywhere? Who are you?”

I repeated the same question again but this time it was intense.

“I don’t know why Ma’am…. Maybe destiny.” He said and my mouth felt tight.

“So, where are you heading to Ma’am?”

“Heaven’s gate ministry sir, saint Michael avenue.”

“Waow, you even attend my church am beginning to enjoy this.”

“You are a member of heaven’s gate?!” I asked, breathing shallowly.

He nodded his head without saying a word.

“But sir, how come I’ve never seen you in any of our combined services?” I asked to be sure.

“I relocated to Lagos just last month. Although I do worship at the headquarters back in Abuja.

“Oh, okay Sir.” I said, because it was obvious he was just new in town.

We arrived the church at about 7:15 and the rain had already stopped.

“Thanks for the ride sir. I do appreciate.” I said.

“No Ma’am, I should be thanking you”,

“Thanking me? Why sir?”, I asked anxiously.

“You’d find out soon Ma’am. Have a nice time in church Ma’am Andrea”, He said and walked into the church.

“Hearing him call my name in that tone, made my stomach unsteady. I felt a slight sensation run through my spine.

“Sis Andrea!”, someone called my name and I turned to look. It was Mrs Sarah, the women coordinator.

“where have you been? Come and lead the chorus it almost 7:30.”

“Okay ma, I’m coming right away.” I said.

I enjoyed the sermon that morning and It felt like the message was purposefully for me.

The pastor preached on the need for waiting patiently upon God and I was revived by his preaching.

But then the incident of that morning kept flashing back to me and I could only wonder what he meant when he said I was soon going to find out…..


WRITTEN BY: Chioma Jennifer

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