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I knew Fred was cheating but not to the extent of getting a lady pregnant, It was just too much for me to bare. All through the night, I couldn’t sleep, i sat by the staircase pondering on what to do with my life. Thoughts of committing suicide kept running through my mind and so I went straight to the kitchen and pulled a knife out and at that point I was willing to end my life but just as I was about to Pierce the knife into my chest in full force, I heard a voice , it was so loud but I couldn’t see anyone.


I was terrified by such alarming sound and in great speed, I dropped the knife and fell on my knees, trembling with fear.
I wept all through that night, pleading for mercy and compassion.

“ Ah! Fred what is this? ” I screamed aloud. Fred had poured very chilled water on me with an attempt to awaken me out of sleep.

“ Get up! I want you out this instance .”
He dragged me out of the bed and pushed me on the floor. I struggled to stand but I was too tired and weak, my whole body was in pain.

“ Dear please… Where do I go from here… Please don’t send me away… Please…’

I wept bitterly as I pleaded but he wouldn’t listen, he drew me up and dragged me forcefully, I tried to struggle but I was too weak and depressed.

“ look woman go back to your father’s house, I have nothing to do with you again. I am done with this marriage and besides you can’t even bear children for me, what then is the essence of having you as a wife… ” .

His words were so harsh that it shattered my heart and I broke down into tears at once. Fred didn’t care, he pushed me out of the house and threw all my belongings at me, leaving me extremely stranded and frustrated.
I tried calling Rachel, but her both lines were switched off. With a quavering spirit, I pulled my belongings to the bus stop in shame as every one kept starring at me.
I stood at the bus stop for hours pondering on where to go when suddenly, a black jeep parked right in front of me.

“ Sis Vera ! “. The man in the vehicle called out to me but I couldn’t tell who it was. I drew closer to the car to find out who it was and to my wildest surprise, it was the last person on earth I’d expected to meet at that point. I was shocked and couldn’t alter a word.

“ sis Vera its me… Jerry! …. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon…”

He had totally changed, the tattered and ugly looking Jerry had turned into a handsome gentle man. He wore a black fitted suit and his teeth were sparkling White as he smiled.

“ Jerry! Is this truly you?” I asked, still in shock.

“ Yes dear… its the good old Jerry… By the way what are you doing on the street, looking all stressed out with all these baggage?”

He asked in a warm tone.

“ Emm… actually…. the thing is that…. I… I actually sell them …. Yes I sell them..”

I stammered foolishly as I struggled to lie.

“can I give you a ride? You look stranded” He asked politely.

But I couldn’t accept his humble offer, even if I did accept it, how would I be able to face him, I wouldn’t be able to bare the shame.

“ no need for that, am actually waiting for my husband to drop me off…” I lied.

“ Ok sis… My regards to your husband and the children… “. He said and zoomed off.

My eyes were filled with uncontrollable tears, I could barely think straight and all that filled my head at that moment were thoughts of regret. I hated myself for not accepting his proposal five years ago.

At last Rachel’s line was available and in no time she arrived in her car.

“ Vera what happened?” She asked in shock.

“He said he’s tired of the marriage…. Rachel! Fred wants a divorce.” I narrated shortly.

“ A divorce?!” She exclaimed, almost petrified.

“ truly God is trying to teach me an unforgettable lesson and its hitting hard on me… Rachel! I think it is time to return back to Jesus… ” I spoke in a solemn tune.

“hmm… So where do you intend going from here?”. Rachel asked anxiously.

“ Do you still remember the very first campus retreat that was held at holy Trinity district “. I asked Rachel.

“ Of course… Who can ever forget such a power packed program that was hosted by pastor Gbile Akanni himself… ”
Rachel replied back. She could still remember all that took place that very day.

“ Actually, that was the very place I received my genuine salvation and I have decided to visit there for some days, I need a quiet environment where I can commune with the Lord without distractions. ”

Rachel smiled at me and patted my back gently.

“ it is well dear , I believe God will certainly see you through.”
She said in full assurance and finally helped with my belongings. She also volunteered to drop me at the retreat ground.

For days, I stayed without eating or drinking a single drop of water, I prayed earnestly like never before, pouring out all my burdens and pains to God and admitting all my wrongs.

“ Lord Jesus here I am, I have returned back home with a shattered heart. Oh! Father, like the prodigal son, I went astray thinking I could do it my own way but Lord I have realized that without you I can do nothing…”
I wept bitterly as I prayed earnestly unto the Lord and with a broke heart, I laid all at His feet.
On the final day of the fast I had a revelation, I saw myself in the mud and a heavy load was placed upon me that I couldn’t get out of the mud but while I struggled to stand up, a man on white suit approached me and commanded the load to depart away from me. He pulled me out of the mud and changed my filthy garment and then he said.
“Stop crying… For your sins has been forgiven but you must return back home and start again from the afresh.”

I woke up immediately after that and wondered what He meant by starting again from afresh….


Stay gunned and find out what happens next… Remain blessed. CLICK HERE


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