Image may contain: 1 person, sittingI wasn’t sure I knew what to say to him so I chose to remain silent for a long while. His eyes were still sad and it made me think he was going to cry.“Ma’am, please don’t take that risk again… I was so afraid that I almost lost you… If you need anything, just let me know. I will make sure you don’t lack a single thing starting from today…. But please don’t take your life, it means a lot to me.”

He pleaded and I watched a little drop of tears, run down his cheek. I’d never seen a man cry because of me. I almost felt stupid for causing him so much pain.

“Sir, I won’t do it again but you don’t have to cry over my foolishness_” I said, to make him feel better.

“Andrea, I was afraid! I almost lost you… What if I hadn’t gotten to the scene in time?” He called my name this time and I felt a soft sensation run through my spine, a feeling I’d never felt for any man before not even Christian.

As he drove me home, he barely took his eyes off me and I feared he wasn’t concentrating on the steering. He was really concerned about me and it got me pondering why. Was he actually falling for me or was it just a mere concern? I wanted to tell him to stop worrying so much about me because I was a filthy bed wetter but I wasn’t bold enough so I chose to remain silent. We finally arrived at my place and I thanked him for everything.

“Ma’am… ” he called my attention.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course sir”

“Did God ever reveal anything about me to you? He asked.

I was startled. “I don’t know sir.”

“Ma’am are you sure?

I looked away. My heart was heavy and I wished I could disappear into thin air.

“Am sorry ma’am, forgive my manners. I only wanted to confirm something but it’s okay with me if you choose to remain silent … Have a nice day.” He said finally.
I watched him leave, and felt guilty for not telling the truth.


I watched a lady hurry to get into a cab and it was obvious that she was running late to work. I could see the bus stop clearly from the window in my bedroom, which had a few louvres missing. I pressed my face close to the window and imagined myself hurrying to get to the office and hot tears burned my cheeks.
I had been away from work for barely a week and I was already feeling sick and bored out. I had just paid my rent and was soon running out of cash.
I missed my job and getting another one wasn’t going to be too easy.

I laid back on my bed, staring at the ceiling in total confusion when my phone rang. I quickly picked it up and it was pastor Mark.

“Good morning sir_”

“Good morning sister Andrea, how are you?”

“Am fine Sir. How is the family?”

“Very fine thank God. I’d like to see you in church today after the bible study. It’s really important.” He said officiously and I panicked a little.

“Okay sir, I’ll be there.” I said finally before ending the call.

That evening, after the Wednesday Bible studies was over, I met with pastor Mark in his office.

“Good evening Sir,”

“evening sister Andrea, please sit,”

“Thank you Sir,” I said and sat down.

“Sister Andrea, has the Lord revealed anything to you lately?” He asked, his voice was calm and deep at the same time.

“How do you mean Sir?” I asked, completely bewildered by his question.

“Sister Andrea, has God been speaking to you concerning any brother lately? He asked, and this time he was a bit clear.
I was shocked and held my breath. It seemed a long moment, but it might have been only seconds.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Pastor Mark asked.

I was looking down, my lip was sealed and I was choked up by his question.

“I’m fine, pastor. I guess I wasn’t expecting this question Sir. Actually, lately I’ve been having some weird dreams and I keep seeing this particular man. I paused for a while and continued.

“He keeps appearing each time I’m in trouble. Sometimes I feel like he has some sort of tracing device that he uses to trace me each time I’m in trouble.” I narrated finally.

“Hm… Sister Andrea, a brother came to my office yesterday and he spoke a lot about you. He said he was convinced that you are his wife, so I decided to confirm it directly from you”,
I looked away and inhaled deeply so that I would not stutter.

“Wife?! Who Sir?” I asked so desperate.

“I invited him here also but he’s on his way.” He said and this time my heart wavered.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and my anxiety increased. I imagined myself escaping from the office through the back window.

“please come in,” Pastor Mark said. I forced myself to stay steady, but my hands kept quivering with fear. The door was backing me and so I had to turn to see who it was that entered.

A man walked into the office and I was confused for a while. He had the look of one in his late forties. I’d never seen him before. He greeted me and then went straight to where pastor Mark sat and there he whispered something into his ears. I stared at him for a while, to confirm if that was who pastor Mark was referring to. As soon as he was done whispering, he left the office without saying a word to me.

“Pastor, is that the man?” I asked, so desperate to know.

“Oh! Not at all. That’s one of the brothers from the building committee.” He said, and I was relaxed.

Few minutes after the other man had left, there was a knock at the door. This time around, I was so relaxed that I didn’t even notice when the door opened.

“Oh! Here he is. Mr. Donald Williamson, you’re welcome. Please have a seat.” Pastor Mark said.

My heart almost popped out when I heard his name and I almost threw up. I wished I could freeze time and run out of the office just like in the movies. I froze on my sit and could barely turn around to look at him.

“Good evening pastor,” he greeted pastor Mark first and turned to stare at me for while before greeting me.

He drew out a seat and sat close to me and I felt as though my mouth was full of melting sugar.

“I was just discussing with sister Andrea about you when you arrived. Pastor Mark said.

“She sure has a lot to share with you. Sister Andrea, don’t you?

I mumbled to myself, then started to cough as if real, sensible words would have come out of my mouth but for the coughing.

“Hm, ma’am is that so?” Mr Donald asked, firmly.

I looked away and glanced at the wall. Did he really mean it when he told pastor Mark that he was convinced I was his wife or was he like the other men who had similar conviction and yet ended up breaking my heart.

“Andrea, the very first day I saw you, drenched under the heavy rain, I knew you were the one. A month before that incident, I had a dream where I saw a lady under a heavy rain storm, I wanted to ignore but a man walked up to me and handed an umbrella over to me. He told me that the woman under that heavy storm was my wife and that she had been waiting for me. So I took the umbrella and just as I came out from the hut where I was to meet her, I woke up.” He paused for a while and continued.

“I felt so pressed that very day and decided to park my car somewhere and urinate. The moment I came out of my car, I saw you shivering under the heavy rain and I immediately remembered the dream. Andrea, I felt peace when I saw you. It was like God allowed me to be pressed so that I could find you.” He said.

I laced my fingers together and kept silent. How could this be, was that the reason I kept seeing him in my dreams? I stared at my hands as they shook and could barely get a grip of myself.

“ma’am you seem quiet,” He said, staring directly at me. I could barely breath. What was I suppose to say? I remembered my present predicament and hot tears ran down my cheek.
He drew out his handkerchief and wiped my cheeks.

“I’m sorry Sir but you cannot marry me. I’m not worthy to be your wife, I’m a woman of travail, my life is a mess Sir.” I said, as I wept sorrowfully.

“Do you believe that there’s nothing too big for God to handle?”
I looked at him and then away.

“Sister Andrea, when God says yes not even the storm can hinder His word.” He said and at that point, I remembered he had made a similar statement in the last dream I had and I was amazed.

“Sir… I… I… was… Actually sir I… I’m a… a… Bed… A bed wetter Sir.” I stammered and looked away immediately.

There was complete silence for a while that I could almost hear my heartbeat.

“Andrea!” He called me.
I wanted to answer, but I could not. My lips and cheeks were frozen, unthawed by the tears running down my cheek. I was too aware that he was watching me.

“I don’t care if you still bedwet, it’s not your fault. I know that God can heal you and I’m ready to stand by you no matter what.

I looked up at him and for the first time, I stared without moving an eyelid. He was honest; I saw it in the pools of his black-ebony eyes.

“Sister Andrea, he’s right there is nothing impossible for God to do.” Pastor Mark who had been silent for a while, said finally.

“Miss Andrea Philip, please make this dream of mine come to reality.”

“What dream Sir?” I asked, almost bewildered.

“Will you be my bride?” He asked, holding my hands and looking directly into my eyes, and my hands trembled violently. A film of sweat coated my entire body like a transparent second skin. His hands felt warm and alive.

“Sir, if it’s the will of God, who am I to resist it. ” I replied finally and there was a great relieve as if a burden was taken away from my shoulders.
Donald and I courted for about four months before preparing for the wedding plans.


The day of my wedding had finally come. I couldn’t believe I was soon going to become a bride. I was anxious, eager, happy as well as scared. My mum had already prepared all that I needed. She was really happy that at last her first daughter would become a married woman.
The whole house was completely filled. My cousins were around, family friends, neighbors, relations and close friends were all present to support me.
My natural hair was styled in a unique way and it looked beautiful. My wedding dress was perfect and so was the yellow and lemon bouquet, my favourite colours.
Indeed the wedding was a success, there were so many prominent guests and I was treated like a queen.

After the wedding, I accompanied Donald to his house and oh my, his house took my breath away, the four-story marble Majesty of it, with the spurting fountain in front and the coconut trees flanking it on both sides and the orange trees dotting the front yard. It was indeed a dream come true. He carried me in his arms and took me inside his luxurious apartment.

It was time for me to change up. I reached out to one of my bags and drew out a diaper. I was going to put it on that night to avoid any embarrassment. Just then, Donald walked into the room and saw me with a diaper in my hand.
He drew closer to me with an expression that I had never seen, his eyes almost sad. He leaned over to me and pressed his face to mine.

“Andrea, you are not putting any diaper on tonight. You are no longer under the curse of the devil. Tonight we will cry unto heaven if we have to,” He said.
For hours, we held hands, breaking and binding kingdoms and powers. We cried unto God for total freedom and liberation. At about 2:30am, we rounded up with the prayers and went to sleep.

I dreamt that a black demon was pulling me backwards and I was struggling earnestly with him. Just then a man on white appeared and slayed the demon with a sword.

I woke up the next morning and behold for the first time in 27 years of my life, I slept without wetting the bed.

That morning, Donald and I glorified God for hours. I was finally free, free from shame, free from reproach and humiliations. I was glad that I actually met my perfect will.





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