I watched brother Felix leave, and suddenly my heart wavered. Where on earth did he think he was going to? The thought of a lorry knocking him down flashed through my mind and my chest felt tight. I wanted to run after him, to tell him to be careful but I was weighed down by the whole trauma and was too weak to make a move.

“Felix please come back! Son!… Please! “, Dad yelled his name but he wouldn’t answer.

“Felix please come back”, mum screamed even louder but it didn’t move him a bit.

“Don’t worry sir he will be back”, the man assured my father but I was sure dad’s mind was not at rest.

Mum twiddled her fingers and said nothing for a while. Then she asked,

“Oga! Please how do we get her corpse? at least let’s start from there”,
I turned to look at her, her face was completely swollen.

“Her corpse is already at the mortuary… Why not go to the hostel and pick up her belongings first”, he insisted and my parents agreed.

Two security officers escorted us to sister Eunice’s hostel and after a long walk, we finally arrived at her room.

“Good day sir, good day Ma”,
A young Lady greeted my parents as we entered into the room. She wore a blue long sleeve blouse which was tucked in a nice black pleated skirt. Mum nodded her head without saying a word to her.

“Bless you dear. We are the parents of Eunice… I mean the late miss Eunice”, dad said and I watched him struggle to hold back his tears. “I assume she used to be your roommate.”

“Yes sir… Actually we used to best of friends in our first year, we even got this room together but I don’t know what happened… She changed completely…” She spoke sadly.

“What is your name? “, mum asked.

“Lara Philip Ma”,

“Lara please tell me, when did Eunice start visiting clubs?! ”

“Ma, to be honest it started last year. She stopped attending fellowships and when I asked her, she said it was better to be the worst sinner on earth than dwell in the midst of hypocrites.” She narrated briefly.

“But why? We brought her up in the way of the Lord… Why would she deviate in such manner “, my mum lamented bitterly.
I stared at her eyes and wished I could tell her straight to her face that it was all her fault. My anger grew worse and I struggled to curtail it from exploding.

“Ma… Eunice used to be more committed in our first year… In fact she was the most zealous in the fellowship and it was her zealousness that encouraged me and many others to be more committed….. Until last year after the long vacation, she changed completely. First it started with her missing fellowships then she met Yewande.” She narrated.

“And what was her relationship with Yewande?” Dad asked curiously.

“Yewande is one of the most popular student in our department. She got influenced by Yewande and they became best of friends and…..”, She stopped for a while and sighed.

“And what?!” Mum asked in anxiety.

“Ma… She started drinking and even smoking. She said it made her forget all about her home. It got so worse that I had to collect your number from her phone Ma but you never always picked and even when you did, you’d tell me you were too busy at the office and then hang up on me.”

“Smo…smoking?! Am ruined … I am finished.”
Dad broke into tears as he spoke and for the first time I watched my own father weep and it made me cry even more.

Mum was speechless, her both hands were placed on her head.

“What about this Yewande girl?” Mum asked in a weak tone.

“She was also involved in the same accident but I heard she was the only one who survived”, she said.

“Hmm… OK….OK…”, Mum wept as she spoke.

We finally packed sister Eunice’s belongings and thanked Miss Lara for her time as we left the room.
Dad and the two security officials searched every where for brother Felix but he was no where to be found. I tried looking every where myself, but couldn’t find a trace of him. I started to breathe in a noisy, rasping way as though I was grasping for air. I let out sporadic chocking sounds, crying deep in my throat and the only reason I did not cry out loud was because I was in public.

“We couldn’t find him anywhere, he must have left the school building “, I heard one of the security officials tell mum.

It was already getting late and we were advised to go to the police station the next day. Dad had no other choice than to accept. He looked completely frustrated and devastated.

I looked out of the window as we drove, recurring all that had happened. I wondered about the people who had been inside the same vehicle along side with sister Eunice, how they had felt just before the accident, before the smashing glass and crunched metal and leaping flames. I could only weep and still wish this was all a nightmare…

Stay tuned for another exciting episode click here


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