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I stood in front of my broken mirror, staring at myself.
I hated the version of woman I’d turned out to be. If only I had held on tight, I wouldn’t be in this mess. Hot tears burned my cheek as I remembered my horrible past.


“ Mummy! Mummy! I got it ! I got it ”

I yelled from the living room in excitement.

“ got what?! ” asked my worried mother as she ran out of the kitchen looking extremely anxious with a cooking spoon in her hand.

“ mummy I saw my name on the internet”,
I exclaimed, yet in excitement.

“which Internet? … is that why you’re shouting like a Loosed dog? Why not break the ceiling for me”.
Mum was totally lost at my excitement, she could barely understand what I meant.

“ Mummy! Its the admission list I told you I was going to check earlier this morning. I’ve just gained admission mum!”

Mummy threw the spoon in her hand on the tiled floor and hugged me tight, almost squeezing the life out of me.

“ Praise the lord! That is it… That is it. Ehrn! now you are talking. Come to the kitchen let me give you something to eat.

There great excitement at home that evening as everyone in the neighborhood continuously congratulated me.


“ It’s time to wake up, the time is 4:30am”

My touch light phone alarmed profusely. Still feeling drowsy, I reached out to it and tuned off the alarm.

“ Grace wake up or you’ll be late! ”

Mum screamed from the living room and it was so loud and clear that it awoken my spirit, soul and body. I hurriedly jumped down from my bed and took my average sized Bible along with me as I rushed out of the room for early morning devotion.

“ Mummy good morning ma, Daddy good morning sir. ”
I greeted, almost yawning every word out.

“ morning nwa m. How was your night? ”
Dad asked, smiling with his teeth wide open.
He was really glad that I had been given admission to study in the university of Nigeria Nsukka and as the only child who got admission immediately after secondary school without repeating WAEC or JAMB, he was really proud.

“ fine Sir “. I replied, smiling back.
I sat close to him, resting my head on his chest as hot tears ran down my cheek.

“ Daddy I will miss you o!” I grumbled.

“ Ozugo, daddy’s girl”, mum’s soft voice trailed off almost living me with a dent smile.

Dad had to rush the early morning devotion so as to drop me at the park on time. He emphasized so much on the ten virgins in the Bible and even though I had been taught the story of the ten virgins numerous times, with the way Daddy preached about it, made it sound so different.

“ The foolish virgins were also the children of God but they were ignorant about their spiritual life and even when it went down, they were not bothered about reviving it but rather cared less and as such, lost their salvation which was supposed to be their gate pass to the kingdom of God “.

I listened whole heatedly to every word he preached almost without blinking an eyelid.

“ Grace nwa m!” (Grace my child)
“sir?”, I responded earnestly to dad’s call.

“ Be a wise virgin.”
Dad said, starring deep into my eyes. My eyes blinked in fear and I almost felt guilty for nothing. I nodded my head affirmatively.

It was almost six o’clock in the morning and we arrived right in time at the park.
I sat close to mum at the departure lounge while dad joined a queue to purchase the bus ticket.

“Nne! hope you didn’t forget your early morning devotional guide .”

Mum asked as we sat waiting for dad.

“ yes ma! … it’s in my bag”, I replied back.

“ very good, make sure I don’t get to remind you before you read it. Í nú gó ? “, (Have you heard?)

Mum said in her native dialect and I nodded my head positively like that of an agama lizard.
Dad finally got me a bus ticket and I was set to leave for nsukka. I waved my hands profusely at mum and dad as the bus took off and they waved back at me.
Even though I was excited about the admission, I was going to miss my parents and everyone back home. I glanced through the windscreen as I remembered our local church youth choristers, I knew they’d miss me. I could barely hold in the tears that wet my cheek.

“ Nsukka here I come”

I muttered silently as the bus drove on.

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