Jesus Practiced Hospitality (Without a “House”) and Generosity (Without a “Salary”)

Image result for never forget those who helped you without giving excusesGod is not limited by the things of this world, and when Jesus walked the Earth with his disciples he showed that hospitality and generosity are godly characteristics available to all, not just designations limited to the rich and privileged.

When we feel heavy Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” What we don’t always remember is the price he would have to pay to be able to fulfill this promise. For while his yoke is light, ours was not. He generously dragged the weight of our sin to the cross so that we could join him in his Father’s house.

Jesus gave ALL of himself to save us.

He was the sacrifice that relinquished the comforts of heaven, lived perfectly, and made atonement for the sins of all that would turn to him.

Jesus saw to the hearts of people, and so must we. He did not ignore need when it presented itself, but he acknowledged and addressed them as he went. In our current culture, people are tempted to hide in their comforts, numb themselves with entertainment, and retreat to their phones when the ever-pressing needs of the world seem too hard to handle. Yet if we look up, recognize the value of the other, and offer the gift of presence, we will begin to remember that the world does not revolve around our desires and fears but that we were created for community.

Start cultivating God’s love and use your all to bring love to humanity

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