In marriage, we are called to “submit one to the other” (Ephesians 5:21) in order to maintain the order God ordained for the family, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing it blindly. To the contrary, we willingly (using our will) submit to that order for the sake of peace and unity, and to spread the gospel as one unit with our spouse.

A strong will actually comes in very handy in this relationship setting. A woman whose will is firmly established in God’s intentions will exert all her strength toward godly purposes. She will be an honor to her husband, a guiding light to her children and a pivotal piece for the kingdom of God.

For strong-hearted women, a godly relationship is not off-limits. Strong-willed women who love God are some of the best candidates for healthy marriages! But we need to understand our will in light of God’s sovereignty, and be willing to put His intentions for relationships above our personal priorities. This is a will bent not to selfish pursuits, but to the eternal directive of our loving God—from a heart that loves Him most.

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