10 Ways To Live Life ‘Un-Bothered’

  1. Image result for how to be unbotheredDon’t Hold What Bothers You In. If You Don’t Want To Directly Address Someone Or say Something, Write or Tweet about It.
  2. Live your life Unapologetically. Do Whatever Makes U Happy; Those That Love You Will Respect You Unconditionally.
  3. Maintain At Least One Confidant (Someone You Can Tell Your Problems To and Who Will Advise You Genuinely Or Just Be There To Listen)
  4. Think Positive. It’s Simple: The Way You Think Affects The Way You Behave. Overlook What’s Wrong and Embrace What’s Right!
  5. Be Careful Whose Energies You Digest. The People You Hang Around On A Daily Basis Wholeheartedly Affect The Way You See Yourself and  Life
  6. No One Should Know Every Single Thing About You. You Have To Be Comfortable With Being Your Own best Friend.
  7. Be Spiritual. Everyone Needs God To Believe In That Releases Stress From You Mentally and physically, psychologically
  8. Ignore Outsiders. People That Don’t Know you Will Always Assume and Lie. Be So Comfortable With Your Truth That Rumors Become Humorous
  9. Always Be Honest Or Say Nothing At All. Keeping Up With Lies Is Draining and Trying To Explain Them Are Pointless. Save Yourself Some Time
  10. Keep Your Personal Life Personal, Not Public (If You Care About It). This Decreases Unwanted Opinions, Fake Concern, and  Slander

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