Image result for modesty quotesEvery woman is beautiful no matter the tribe, race, ethnicity or country. From the beginning we were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We have varieties of good and exciting attributes which God has deposited inside us and we were created for a glorious purpose.
Image result for modesty quotes
Many have gotten it all wrong. They feel the only way they can be admired or be noticed is by dressing indecent, exposing the sensitive parts of their body and contours. And this has become a problem in our society today.Don’t you see what the devil (our enemy) is doing. He knows that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. So he tempts you to dress naked, thereby turning the temple of God to the temple of Jezebel and worldliness.
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Now the worst of all is that we who are supposed to be the light and a partway for others to follow, are now imitating the children of darkness. Who then is leading who?

Sisters please wake up and wash your faces. Don’t be carried away by VANITY they will never last.One day we will all get old but the most essential point is, when Christ comes what would be our testimony?


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