5 Things you should do Every Morning

Image result for gratitude photography
Image result for gratitude photographyPaying attention to our morning behaviour is essential. We need to improve our habits, and plan our schedule for the day in advance. Here are some basic tips on how to improve your life by changing or upgrading your morning routine:
  1. Express Gratitude:  Life is filled of tiny miracle, notice them daily. Expressing gratitude for life generally should be a habit. Express gratitude to God for giving you another day which is another opportunity. Be grateful for just anything you could imagine of.
  2. Give yourself a prep talk. Be your own self help counsellor. What can you tell yourself to get yourself ready to be successful? Do you think positive, empowering, and inspiring thoughts or do you look towards the day with dread and anxiety. The latter will surely hold you back while the former will set you up for success. Remember, it all starts in your mind  so think about what’s possible, and  not the impossible.
  3. Plan your day. Every morning review what you need to accomplish for the day. With more challenging tasks visualize yourself doing them and seeing them to completion in your mindset. This simple yet powerful tool can help people who are prone to procrastination to be motivated by outcome rather than getting caught up in the process. 
  4. Exercise. Most people’s’ energy levels are highest in the morning so they’re best able to exercise. Check your body and if your energy levels aren’t high in the morning, some exercise can help get your endorphins flowing which will energize you to get ready for the day.
  5. Drink water. Drink some water in the morning (luke-warm water) and stay hydrated.The average adult body is 50-65% water and blood is 82% water. The brain cells are 85% water and muscles 75%.


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