When you take time to know people, there won’t be room to create impressions

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People these days fall in love with a person’s profession, looks, cars, houses, family. These attributes don’t define who the person is.
Most singles go out to look for comfort, all their focus is on material stuff and once they find it, other things don’t matter until the need arises. People love others for what they have and not who they are.
It’s not surprising to know the same person you got married to, was a total stranger, for you know the things he or she has acquired but you don’t know who he or she is.
If you are single preparing for marriage, you should be interested in who they live their lives for, how their relationship between them and their Maker is, what they believe in, their priorities, how they manage stress, anger and negative energy. In their worst moments what do they do? What are their habits, addictions, friends and the books they read?
One of the reasons why many people make this mistake and end up marrying a total stranger is because they don’t know themselves in the first place.
When you take time to know people, there won’t be room to create impressions. A marriage runs on who the person is and not what the person has. You can get married to the wealthiest person on earth and yet be miserable.
Sometimes we may not understand why God will allow some people to meet when there is no way for them to be together, but this happens because there is a lesson these people need to learn and have taken it for granted.
Whenever you take a wrong turn, you meet people you are not supposed to meet who will teach you lessons you are supposed to learn. Marriage is a lifetime friendship, marriage is serious, marriage is life, marriage is not for fun, marriage has ups and downs, because we get married to people with imperfections.
Everyone deserve to have a wonderful marriage, this is why you need the right approach. Marriage is not defined by the ring on your finger but by the holding of hands as you travel this life’s journey to the end.
When you take time to know people and not just what they have, then the next time someone asks you who is this lucky man or woman? it will no more be a ‘luck’ but a blessing because you know the person for who they are in God and not just the material things they have acquired in the world

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith.
Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love”

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