Avoiding conflict and confrontation is one of the “worst” things a couple can do. The truth is, confrontation needs to be embraced. It is a key to real intimacy. Confrontation helps us come to know each other and exposes how we both feel about various situations.
Couples who avoid confrontation shelve critical issues that should be addressed. Besides, there is really no way to avoid conflict, even if you put all your disagreements on the shelf. Over time the shelf gets really, really full, and then, eventually it breaks. Even though it is often rough and thorny [and we need to learn how to fight fairly], conflict is absolutely essential for any husband and wife who want to draw close to each other–Mark Gungor

Prevent your relationship from being filled with poor communication, relationship stress, and overall dissatisfaction. This is the perfect time to make sure your relationship is on the road to success


  1. Very good post. Some people try to avoid conflicts and communicate their frustrations poorly. Some do not communicate their frustrations at all. Couples must be able to resolve conflicts if they truly desire a healthy and happy relationship, Blessings🙏💕


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