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We need to know that love is a beautiful thing .

One of the greatest ways to live long in life is to love the right person and be loved by the right person.

I decided to compile this because I’ve received questions during my counselling on ” how to test his or her love ?”


If he or she is stingy then the person has failed the test.

God loves the world and gave us his only begotten son.

If he or she is not giving( Time, advice, encouragement, money, prayer, gifts etc.), it’s a clear test of how much the person loves you.


If he or she is not patient when it comes to when and how to have sex, he or she doesn’t love you.

There are brothers or sisters who rapes their fiance, it shows clearly he or she has failed the test of love.

Respect his or her decision to remain ” VIRGIN TILL MARRIAGE ” or to embrace ” SEXUAL PURITY “

He or she must be able to manage any delay in getting money or satisfying their need.

3. TIME.

If your love can’t withstand months or years before running into marriage, it’s not genuine.

You must not rush anything, give time to discover his or her behavior.

You may crash along the line if you rush!


If he or she starts cheating because you are kilometers apart, it’s a clear sign he or she has failed the test of love.

If his or her love for you grow cold because you are not together, then the love is not genuine.

You won’t always be together in marriage. If he can’t cope in relationship, he might do worse in marriage.

It’s always advisable to visit each other as often as possible in a long distance relationship.


Nothing spoils family, relationship, friendship and marriage like money.

If he or she is not faithful whenever it comes to money, then the love is not genuine.

One of the greatest test of love is money. Don’t overlook it at all.

If he or she values money or material things more than you, think twice!


If you are not friends, you would run your relationship as master and slave relationship.

That’s why the popular quotes says ” marry your friend not your enemy “.

If he or she is not friendly, get ready for disagreement everyday!


Your love might be opposed by your friends, parents or church leaders.

If everyone including your mentor disagree about the relationship, it’s a sign you may end up in destructive marriage.

People can be mirror through which you see your relationship.

Don’t ignore their warning except you have a strong conviction by the holy spirit.


If your mind is never at rest since you got into the relationship, it’s a sign it’s not genuine.

Maybe you are always scared when he or she comes around.

You are being tormented or having bad dreams.

Beloved, run fast!


Kindly flee If he or she gives complaints about the shape of your head, eye ball, the size of your bum bum , skin colour, height and many things you cannot change.

Acceptance is a true test of love!


Amos 3:3 says “can two walk together except they agree?”

If you disagree or quarrel about everything, it’s a sign you may not enjoy your marriage. Take note!


I said and I quote that ” until you find that one person you can’t afford to cheat on , you have not found love!”

If he or she cheats on you, the person has failed the test of love.


There is one thing about love that battles me, if a man or woman genuinely love someone, they would do everything in life never to betray their trust.

If you don’t trust him or her, then they have failed the test of love.


If she or he always opt out of the relationship at any mistake or quarrel, it’s a clear sign of failure of the test .

True love is persistent and it’s never moved by previous failure.


If he or she wants a perfect man or woman and gives no room for improvement or mistake, it’s a warning to you.

Only God is perfect but human are prone to mistakes.

If he or she gets angry anytime you don’t meet their financial demand, the love is questionable!


The spirit in us bears witness with us that we are the children of God.

In the same vein, you are free to opt out If the holy spirit in you doesn’t bear witness with the relationship.

If you blind your eyes to tests of love, marriage would open it for you!

Remember God is love, before you can truly love a man or woman, the person must first love God.

Love is beautiful if only you are the right person and with the right person.

S.O.S says ” Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it……” ‎Oluwaniyi Aderopo Hezekiah

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