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I decided to write this list when some sisters asked if there would be any signs before a bad marriage occurs.

1. You believe all men are evil.

2. You believe all women are evil.

3. You believe a man cannot do without cheating.

4. You believe it’s not possible to be virgin till marriage. Eeeyaaaah….

5. You don’t believe in sexual purity.

6. You don’t like to cook as a sister.

7. You are lazy as a brother. Shuuuuu….

8. You are not born again.

9. You are not in the spirit.

10. You don’t know how to pray.

11. You easily get angry and aggressive.

12. You don’t read books about relationship and marriage.

13. You believe a man must beat a woman before she becomes submissive. Hmmmm….

14. You believe your partners properties and resources is not yours. Oh!

15. No purpose and vision for life and destiny. Really?….

16. You are so dirty as a bachelor and spinster. Oops!

17. You believe genotype compatibility doesn’t matter in choosing life partner( AS marrying SS or AS marrying AS)

18. You believe academic compatibility doesn’t matter in choosing life partner( Marrying illiterate).

19. You believe spiritual compatibility doesn’t matter in choosing life partner( Marrying unbeliever).

20. You believe that marrying a particular tribe will give you automatic blissful marriage than marrying in Christ.

21. You believe marrying in your church alone would guarantee blissful marriage rather than marrying in Christ.

22. Marrying him/ her with hope that he would change. People rarely change!

23. You believe marriage is all about beauty, curves and six packs. Lol……

24. You are not teachable.

25. You are so rigid.

26. You cannot hear God yourself but depend on your parents, pastors and prophets to hear God for you. So pathetic!

27. You don’t listen or yield to people’s advice at all.

28. You believe marriage is all about love alone. Many divorcee are still in love…….

29. You believe you can get married and run family without money (smiling)…

30. You can’t freely be a friend to opposite sex without having quarrel. How will you manage your wife or husband?

31. You believe sex is met to be endured not enjoyed in marriage. Really? Yes….

32. You believe couple can attend separate church.

33. You don’t trust anyone on earth.

34. When you allow your church marriage committee determines who you marry not God. Ask bro T……..

35. When you only prepare for wedding not marriage. Too bad………

36. When you pray your mother or father in-law should die. Aderopo?maaaaaaa

37. When you hate marriage itself.

38. You are hot tempered. Are you serious? Yes beloved!

39. He or she insults or abuse you during courtship.

40. You believe what would be would be ( qui Sera Sera ) in marriage.
It would only be when you do the right thing and get the right knowledge….

In all thy getting, get the right knowledge about relationship and marriage.

Proper preparation prevent poor performance in marriage!

Don’t ignore warning signals!


Proverb 22: 3 says:

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished!

Kindly inbox me for mentorship and counseling concerning your relationship and life generally–Oluwaniyi Aderopo

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