The summary of the book “Love never fails by Kenneth E. Hagin”

Chapter 1: love: The first fruit of the spirit.
“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness,goodness,faith,meekness,temperance against such there is no law ” Gal 5:22,23.

The above passage is not referring to the holy spirit but the human spirit is involved.
It means that when one is born again(renewed, a new creature) he surely possess this fruit.

The first fruit which is love is what firstly show up in the renewed, born again human spirit. 
To fellowship with God we must walk in love for God is love. This is not natural human love, it is divine love(the love of God).

There is different between divine love and natural love.
Human love will turn to hatred overnight,it is selfish, while natural love not turn to hatred nor is it selfish.

Chapter 2: love includes mother in law.

Sometimes we hate one another but we always feel the spirit of God always there scratching us to get our attention. We should let the love in us dominate us. Don’t care about what the head says.

Your head sometimes can say some awful things. Always crucify the flesh. It hurts but crucify it.

We should always act from our heart(conscience).
It is easy to get in the flesh if we are not careful.

If people can walk in love and know what belongs to them because they are walking in love, there wouldn’t have to be helping services for Christians.

We should love as God loved us I.e divinely. We hear a lot about “love” but what people are really talking about is natural human love, which is selfish. If we could love according to the bible it would solve all our problems.

Chapter3: human vs divine love.
Natural love is selfish, but divine love is unselfish.

A human being exercising natural human love is concerned about himself or herself, thinking, what’s in it for me? Save people may get in the natural and think this way.

We ought to let the unselfish love of God dominate us.

Much of the time we don’t walk in divine love but we should.
Many Christian have been torn up by people arguing well, I’ve got my say- and I’m going to have it too!.

If they were to act in love, they just might keep their mouths shut.

Love(divine love, the love of God) endures long and is patient and kind. It is never envious nor boils over with jeolousy, is not boastful or vainglorious does not display itself haunghtily, it is not conceited arrogant and inflated with pride, it is not rude, does not act unbecomingly. Does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self seeking.

It takes no account of the evil done to it. Pays no attention to a suffered wrong.

Chapter4: The love

Many have died because they lived so much in the natural that they couldn’t take advantage of the rights and privileges that belonged to them as children of God .

we should always let love dominate us.
Children ought to have the right to be brought up in this kind of love atmosphere.

Then, when they go out into life’s fight, they ‘ll win.
Children make mistakes. We should show love to them by correcting them lovingly. If you walk in love, you will never fails.

Written by : Adetumbo B Temitope

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