Maybe the first two months of the year brought trying moments, trauma, depression, sickness, conflict, loss and trouble,It seems that nothing is working on every side. Your faith is diminishing fast, as you read again your expectations for the year.This Month will bring a new song. Some of the expectations with dates on them now look impossible.
Don’t be discouraged

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The one who owns the time also has the key to the future, hold on to Him.
This month of Month shall be to you the beginning of great things

Is it a failing health? You will rise again.
Whether it’s your baby or your spouse, you’ll overcome.
Your marriage is not with expiry date,
That intruder in your home shall be flushed out 
This Month, you’ll receive a fresh wine for a renewed love.

Your business or project fails for no reason, don’t give up, 
This month you will move forward.
Your position at work is yours. Every attempt to edge you out shall fail.
Those who reject you will soon depend on you,
Expect your promotion this March.

Your tear this year is already more than what it was the whole of last year
Fear grips your soul daily due to uncertainties.
Look unto Him, His mercy will locate you this March.

Don’t give up! The hand of the Lord shall be upon you for good in Jesus Name. Amen

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