Dearly beloved,

There’s a deeper love of Christ than you’ve experienced,
There’s deeper joy than you’ve ever felt,
A deeper peace than the World could give.
Though you’ve known Him by name as the son of God,
You’ve professed Him before the world,
You called Him in trouble and He answered,
Yet like He counsel father Abraham, ‘Walk before me and be thou perfect’.
He wants you to touch Him more affectionately,
To walk by Him on the way of holiness,
He want to show you deeper things like he revealed to Paul,
Talk to you more dearly as unto father Abraham,
He would prefer as unto David to make you a man after His heart.
If we’ll yeild and not doubt, he will drop in our hearts the secret of sacred living.
He can make purer than ever we could imagine –the heart that submit to His will and desire more of Him.

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