•Two Bridges• ‘Episode 9’

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‘Joy in the soul, Peace that comes with it, Faith to face the future; these are all fruits of a life full of Love.’
At first, it was hard for me to stop myself from worrying if things would turn out right at the end.

Three times, I had to hold back from calling Steve and pouring my mind out to him. And twice, I stopped typing the messages I had written to him and deleted them.

‘Maybe we were too hasty.’ I explained to Dami. ‘But who would want to hide such a lovely news from his loved ones?’ I asked her.

‘Let’s just allow our love grow for the meantime’, those were Dami’s departing words after we met.
And I intended to follow through on the agreement.
Since we’d decided to allow things settle and wait for the dust to clear before involving our siblings or parents, I didn’t speak to Tomi or Steve about my love for Dami anymore.

It was a wise decision.

Because we had cut away every distraction and opposition against the beautiful love between Dami and I, we had enough space in our minds to think about each other.
And we had enough call credit to speak with each other on phone.
We also had enough time to spend together without worrying about solving the problem of the future.

Dami and I visited the city mall together and we watched a blockbuster comedy movie in the cinema.
As we sat beside each other in the dark room of the theatre and images moved around on the screen, we share giggles until heads turn.

We ate from the same bowl of popcorn and laughed out loud with the rest of the audience when the protagonist threw punchlines.

When the film ended, and the credits rolled out, almost everyone else stood up and left the room.
But I sat down for a moment and told Dami to wait too.

‘Humans always rush away during the beautiful times, and then linger and dwell on sorrowful moments.’ I told her.
‘I want us to elongate this beautiful time we have spent together, just for a minute more.’
‘Please?’ I looked into her eyes.

She smiled.
‘You are strange.’ she said.
‘But I like your strangeness very much’. She laughed and rested her back against the chair.

Without warning, I bowed my head.

‘Heavenly Father, we both thank you for this opportunity and blessing. To be together today to share this lovely moment. Glory be to you, Lord.’ I said in a whisper loud enough for her to hear.

‘Amen’ I concluded.
‘Amen’, Dami answered.

‘We can go now.’ I said, and stood up with the biggest of smiles across my face.
‘Now?’ Dami was surprised.
I laughed again. ‘Yes now.’

Dami shook her head and smiled.

At that moment, the light came on again and the look on Dami’s face was so heavenly to behold.
‘Strange VJ’, she said as she followed me out of the cinema room.
‘At least, I am not a familiar spirit.’ I replied.
We both laughed as we exited.

My fingers itched to hold her hand as we walked out of the mall together, but I was able to control my limb and hold back.

We took a cab away from the cinema and I thought, as we sat in the backseat,
‘It is good to have money.’
‘Is there even love for a poor man?’ I wondered.
I began to spun around that line of thought as I developed theories and topics to write about.

It was Dami’s voice that brought me back.
‘Listen to this song’, she said.
Dami plugged one of the earphones of her phone into my ear.
The brush of her finger against my ear made me tingle, but I resolved not to show it.
And I didn’t.

One earphone played a slow song into my left ear, and the other earphone was in Dami’s right ear.
I didn’t know if it was because of the lyrics or the tune that made me feel so. And I didn’t care.
But the sensation I had was very sweet.

The song went on, and we sat in the same position. Another song, from the same artist came up after that, but I didn’t return the earphone.
Dami also didn’t ask to collect it back.

It seemed Dami was playing all the songs from the artist’s album, and each song was as lovely as the rest.

When the songs stopped, I told the driver to stop too.
‘Can we walk the rest of the way?’ I suggested to Dami.
She nodded in agreement and I paid the fare.

‘Money is a cousin of love.’ Again, the thought came to me.
I smiled.

‘I want the two of us to see the Pastor on Sunday.’ I suddenly announced as we walked the short distance towards her home.
‘Ah! Why?’ Dami was surprised.

I laughed. ‘What happened? You don’t want to see him?’
‘No jor. I am just wondering why you want to see him suddenly.’
‘It is because i want to make us official, and also want him to be aware; at least, for prayers and support.’ I explained.

Dami wasn’t convinced, and the way she narrowed her eyes showed it.
‘I thought we agreed to stay low-key in this our love bubble for now.’ she said.

‘I know…’ I said. ‘I just felt we should tell him. To show my commitment.’

Dami laughed. ‘Why do you want to show commitment? Commitment to what?’
‘To you na. I want you to know I am serious.’ I replied.
‘Serious about what?’ Dami asked again, laughter still in her voice.

I should have know she was joking and teasing me, but I continued to give earnest answers.
‘Serious about spending beautiful moments like today with you for the rest of my life.’ I said solemnly.

The laughter dissipated from Dami’s lips and reduced to a slight smile.
‘Awwwww…’ she made the sound, knowing full well that I had never liked that sound.
She was pulling my legs, and I finally realized it.
‘You are laughing at me abi?’ I asked.

And then, like prison gates thrown open, real laughter escaped from her mouth and I shook my head.

‘I’m serious jor.’ I said. ‘You are not even romantic.’
She laughed heartily and said, ‘I know you are serious.’

The sun was shining bright above, heat torched my skin but it was the light in Dami’s eyes that got all my attention.
‘Does this girl even have the ability to do any wrong?’ I wondered.

‘Okay o, let’s see the Pastor on Sunday.’ she agreed.
‘But hope you know almost everyone in the church already know about it.’ she asked.
‘How? I don’t think so o’ I answered as we stopped in front of her house.
‘All these past weeks that we have been going to church together, and leaving together, you think people don’t know?’ She said.

I slowly came to the realization. While I had been busy cooking love and building affection, I had been oblivious of the eyes and mind of every other person.

‘Even Sister Rebecca knows already.’ Dami told me.
‘Ah!’ I was surprised.
‘So you didn’t think she would know?’
‘I didn’t even consider it at all.’
‘You have been too carried away abi?’ she was smiling and enjoying the moment.
‘Is it not you that carried me away?’ I cheekily returned.

We both laughed.

We stayed in front of the house for another five minutes or thereabout until a loud voice jostled us.

‘Allow her to come in o….!’ The voice was loud. ‘Oga VJ! You will still see her tomorrow!’
It was Rebecca’s voice.

My hands quickly covered my mouth and I hurriedly and silently waved goodbye to Dami.
She muffled laughter and waved back.

Laughter was in my eyes and I was certainly happy.
I walked away briskly from the house and headed home.

Some paces away, I looked back; just in time to see Dami also look back at my disappearing self.

We waved to each other again and she finally went into the house.

‘What a Lovely Day in the history of the the world.’ I spoke to no one as I walked home.

‘What a beautiful day in the history of my life’ I said again.


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