•Two Bridges• Episode 11

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Times flies past when you are in love.
Hours pass away in blinks, 
And Months become moments.
And certainly, the same thing happened to my lifetime when Dami was in it.
Other than my office work, every other time I spent rushed by quickly when I was with her.

When I woke each morning, I looked forward to seeing and speaking with her.
And when I slept at night, it was often with my mouth beplastered with smiles, as memories visited and often transmit to dreams.

We saw our friendship and love for each other as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; and we both intended to keep it long-lasting.

We took evening walks together twice a week.

We attended every single program the church organized for intending couples, and we were the cynosure of all eyes.
A lot of persons walked up to Dami and I and asked how we found each other.
‘You guys are a model for all Christian Couples’, people often commented. ‘Everyone can see you are both perfect for each other.’

Dami was not tall, but I was.
Both of us were in the middle of the spectrum in body complexion- neither light nor dark.
She was gentle when with others and outspoken when with me; I was outspoken both with strangers and friends.

The differences between us served as a firm string that tied us together.
Our similarities made us move in the same direction, with the same pace.

And so, just a little shy of four months passed in the same manner as the first, and we grew more attached to each other.
And we grew to depend on each other.
That year, December arrived with much promise and the year seemed to me as a perfect one.

Dami and I knew she would be returning home to her parents to spend the Christmas, and we were prepared for it.

‘By the time I return next year, I must have opened up to my parents and settled everything’, it was Dami who volunteered even before I mentioned it.
‘That’s not even my problem for now’ said I.
‘What’s it?’ she asked curiously.
‘The problem is whether I can survive without you till next year.’ I said affectionately.

Her concerned look gave way to a shining smile I had grown accustomed to, but which I never could get tired of watching.

‘You will survive jor.’ she said, spreading her lips wider, melting my heart more as she did so.

We promised to speak as often as possible, remember each other in prayers and never allow distance do anything to our heavenly love.

On the day Dami traveled back home, I went to the park with her, a traveling bag in my hand and an handbag in hers.

‘Let me help you carry it for a while.’ she offered when we were almost at the park.
‘I can carry it there o. How many distance remain?’ I assured her.
‘Hope your hand is not in pains?’ she stopped and asked.
‘If I cannot carry this small bag, how can I boast of carrying you on our wedding day?’ I cheekily returned.

She turned her face quickly and walked away.
But even with her back against me, I could still see, on the sides of her cheek, the big pleasant smile my words planted on her face.

We met the bus half-full and I waited with her as the rest of the passengers arrived.
We talked about little things and joked about many things.

The man who was in the seat beside Dami kept his eyes peeled on the two of us, but I wasn’t bothered.
When he frowned, I smiled back at him.
And when his face had no expression, I was still smiling.

Passengers seemed to arrive too quickly, and the bus got filled up within a time too short for me to say my farewell.
‘I hope I won’t miss you too much.’ Dami said.
‘I know I won’t miss you at all.’ I replied.

Both of us laughed softly and shook hands.
The handshake lingered for a moment before the driver got in the car.
‘Thank God you are sitting beside the window, I get to see you till you leave.’ I said as they locked the doors.

I removed my hand, albeit with a little force and strong will, from Dami’s firm clasp, and I backed away from the bus.

‘VJ, I can’t wait to get back’, Dami said as soon as the driver kicked the engine into life.
‘Remember our good times while I am away.’ She said again.

I wanted to reply and say many things too, but my lips held shut.

My hand went up as she waved, and the bus tyre took its first roll.

‘See you soon, Dami’, I finally managed to say as the car slowly moved away.

Both of us dropped our hands the same time and I realized it was the first time we would actually be apart.

‘I hope we stay together when we are not together.’ I reckoned as I watched the bus turn the corner.

‘I hope distance will make our heart grow fonder’
‘I hope distance will not make us grow farther.’
‘I hope her parents don’t shake her’
‘I hope we are still together by the time she comes back.’
‘I hope…’
Thoughts whirled on and on in my head as I took the long lonely walk back home.

The path that seemed pleasant and lively, when I walked on them with Dami by my side, now seemed dreary and dry as I walked alone.
Places where I had seen flowers before, when we walked together, were now covered with nothing but weed.

And as I walked, a dark cloud of thoughts suddenly took hold of my mind.
I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something big would happen.
Whether positively or negatively, my spirit couldn’t say. I just kept feeling something was about change.

‘All is well’, I told myself. ‘All is well.’

Just a week later, I got my answer, and I knew why my heart had became strangely troubled.

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