TWO BRIDGES ‘Last Episode, 20’

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‘And lo, flowers bloom, seeds die, sun rises, and the heavens pour its rain, but the heart that loves lives through them all, and abides forever.’

I resumed work the next Monday with high spirits and a very light heart.

‘Is that girl back?’, it was the first question my supervisor asked when he saw the positive change in my disposition.

I smiled embarrassedly and nodded slightly.
The man burst into laughter and shook his head.
‘Nothing Love cannot cause.’ He said and walked away.

I chatted with Dami briefly in the morning, and I sent her a funny short video where a woman shouted ‘Free at Last, free at last’ at the end of the last scene.
The video really made me laugh and Dami sent a voice note of her sweet laughter when she also watched it.

I converted the voice note file into an mp3 and listened to the sound of Dami’s laughter on repeat through the rest of the day.
And her laughter continually made me laugh.

For a reason I couldn’t fathom, that day, work was very enjoyable for me.
I met two deadlines and completed the tasks assigned to me before 1pm.
I lazied around for the rest of the work hours and looked forward to seeing Dami at the close of day.

Though Dami’s office was far out of my way home, I passed by her place of work while heading home.
She was already out of office and waiting for me in front of the gate when I arrived.

‘Damilola!’, I called as I walked up to her, and it felt like we hadn’t seen for ages.

‘Free at last, free at last!’ Dami shouted, almost perfectly mimicking the woman in the video.
Both of us bent and laughed for some moments before we could find our voices again.

‘Free at last, free at last!’ I returned and another bout of laughter erupted.
It was a most lovely experience for me; sharing that little happy moment with the one I loved.

When the laughters had reduced to smiles, I collected some of the documents in Dami’s hands and put them inside my bag.

As we left the office premises, I spotted three of her colleagues giggling and pretending not to look at us.
‘Don’t mind them o.’ Dami said. ‘My ears will be full by tomorrow, I’m sure.’

We took a bus together and walked home from the bus stop.

As we walked along the lonely road, I lovingly recalled the sweet moments Dami and I had shared in the past, and I remembered my helpless state when we were briefly separated.

And the memories made me come to a decision.

I stopped abruptly along the way, and l looked into Dami’s eyes.
‘Will you agree to marry me?’ I asked her.
Dami was shocked.
Her eyes blinked quickly and she stared back at me.
‘Is this a proposal?’ She asked and forced me to smile.
‘Well…,’ I stuttered.
‘Dami, will you marry me?’ I asked again.
‘Do I have a choice? Of course, I will marry you.’ she answered.
‘VJ…’ She called lovingly, and I could read the beautiful wonder on her face.

‘Thank you very much. I promise to always make you happy.’ I said.
‘I know you will.’ Dami replied and we continued walking
And that was all.
There was no fanfare, kneeling or music; just a gentle question and a lovely answer.

‘VJ…’ Dami spoke my name in that lovely way I had started to hear in my dreams.
‘Hope you know you will still do another one.’ She asked, smiling and looking away.
‘Yes o,’ I answered. ‘I know I will do it again.’
‘On that Saturday morning of our wedding day.’ I added.

Dami laughed, and I laughed too.
‘Please, just don’t let me start thinking about that for now…’ She said. ‘I don’t want this sweet happiness to burst my heart.’

The sun seemed to be a witness to our words as it receded into the clouds while we both walked in peaceful silence.
And a gently wind of cool air hurried along as it passed between us.

‘Your mom called me yesterday.’ I broke the silence with the words.

Dami waited for a moment before she asked, ‘What did she say?’
I smiled and looked ahead.
‘She said she just wanted to greet me and thank me for helping you.’
‘Okay… That’s all?
‘Yes. The highlight of the call was when she called me ”My son”. And she said it twice.’ I answered.

‘Well, well, well, that’s just perfect!’ Dami said.
‘Oh yes, it is.’ I said. ‘Everything is perfect.’

And the day was perfect too.
A flock of white egret flied along in the skies, and a scent of rain filled the air.

And on, Dami and I walked into a beautiful future.

THE END, Two Bridges.

The story is 100% Pure Fiction



Thank you all very much! 

2 thoughts on “TWO BRIDGES ‘Last Episode, 20’

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire story. I wanted to wait until it was complete before responding. Although this story is 100% pure fiction, you have no idea how this spoke to me during a very difficult time, even down to the title! God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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