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This matter of adultery and fornication has been the bane of many young people in our time. It has reduced the glory of Christianity and Christian ministry. It has forced many preachers out of the pulpit; those who are persisting only do so under a cover of a fading anointing. Have you learnt this lesson? Have you passed the test or you have become a secret failure? Have you destroyed your future and your marriage with the infiltration of young sisters whom you fondle here and there?
Unless you have passed this test, you will not be allowed to eat the sacred bread, let alone serve it. All you can carry about in your hand will be the common and stale bread.
Joseph had to face this test to secure a credential to handle the sacred bread in the days ahead. Young man, young lady, though you have a great dream and I perceive the Lord is thinking of so great a future for you, have you spout your future by going into illicit sex? Have you not sold out your integrity in this matter? Are you not a mere crust of bread now?

Yes! You may be, but God can give you another chance to begin aright, if you stop that reckless addiction to pornographic films, masturbation and other sexual vices that are eroding your personality so fast. Come away and face your destiny with resolve.

You are too young to become a prey for ladies whose future is already permanently damaged. 
You are too young a lady to accept to become a second wife or a wash-hand pot for a man whose insatiable sexual desire has captivated you. Flee fornication. Cut off from that relationship. Even your marriage cannot have a proper foundation if you continue with that man this way. It was glorious for Joseph to keep himself pure and be thrown out of Potiphar’s house rather than to remain there a mere crust of bread; and his precious life, a mere prey for “Jennifer.” YOU ARE TOO PRECIOUS TO BE SUCH A WASTE!

If you have fall a victim of such Man as a lady or such woman as a young man, there can still be a second chance for you, if you can come to JESUS CHRIST NOW, because in Him alone you can find NEW LIFE. Submit yourself to His Lordship today and have a change of Life. Shalom (Gen. 39:13-15, Prov. 6:25-29)…Gbile Akanni –


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