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One of the acid Tests of God’s will in the choice of life partner is genotype compatibility. God does not matchmake wrong people in marriage.

I attended the mourning of a 19 year old who died because she’s an SS patient.

I had a course mate who dropped out from post graduate school because he couldn’t cope with the stress being an SS patient.

I have met friends who cannot survive without taking drug per day just because she’s an SS patient.

I have seen parents whose house are littered with drug like pharmaceutical shop just because they have SS children.

I have heard about parents who gave birth to only two SS children, one is dead and the second is awaiting death because he’s constantly falling sick.

I have heard about a Lecturer who died after obtaining PhD just because he’s an SS patient.

A senior colleague at workplace told me he had to break up years of relationship when they later discovered they are both SS. To the glory of God, he’s getting married this weekend 💃💃💃

I have heard about the chronic pain, discomfort and constant sickness sickle cell patients go through.😪😪😪

This is not to shame or mock family who are experiencing this but to prevent future occurrence for the singles or engaged.

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Do you believe you would die if you touch Live and Neutral wire on the Electric pole? If yes, why don’t you believe you would give birth to SS when same science who gave theory about electricity told us about genetics? Same thing applies when two people are AS OR SS marry each other. It’s like signing a frustration warrant for your marriage except you are not ready to give birth. 

All the emotional feelings that’s doing you gish gish will disappear when real situations of SS children struck you.

I would suggest you ask those who married as SS or AS to know their ordeal.

You wanna say you have gone far in the relationship right? How many children have you had? How many houses or properties have you acquired together? Let me tell you, nothing is like we have gone too far in a relationship except you are married. 

A broken courtship is better than enduring marriage or broken marriage.

Beloved, a faith that cannot heal headache will never change genotype.

If you cannot change the genotype before marriage, don’t tell me you would change it after marriage.

Before you fall in love as singles, ensure you know your genotype and blood group.

Please don’t put the unborn children into avoidable pain. Don’t put your marriage into avoidable frustration.

As a relationship coach, I will never advise you to get married if your genotype is not compatible.

AA Vs AA __ Excellent

AA Vs. AS — Good

AA Vs. SS—Good

AS Vs. AS— Risky(not advisable) 

AS Vs. SS – Bad(don’t make attempt)

Proverb 22:3
AMP:A prudent man sees the evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished [with suffering].



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