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I decided to compile this list because many brethren have been telling me during my counselling it’s only dream they are seeing in identifying life partner.


If he or she contradicts God’s word, then it’s not God’s will.

How will you say you were led to marry a Muslim as a Christian?
2 Cor 6:14 says:

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

If you marry an unbeliever, then devil becomes your father in law- Dr. D.k Olukoya

How will you say that God led you to someone who’s not born again?

How could you say a brother is demanding for sex and romance and you are saying he’s God’s will? No! Never!

It’s bed undefiled!


All spiritual Christian have the holy spirit residing in us. 

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. 

The spirit of God will lead and guide you . 

The spirit of God will bear witness with your spirit that she’s the right man or woman. I’m not talking about your natural and sensual feeling.

Holy spirit can lead you through inner witness, audible voice or still small voice in your spirit.

Get the book ” how you can be led by holy spirit by Kenneth E. Hagin”

You too can be led by the holy spirit!


Bible says the fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.

Hannah received Samuel after rigorous prayers, you too can receive your sister Esther or brother Samuel if only you can stand in the place of prayers.

Be watchful as you pray!


One of the critical ways of confirming God’s will is the compatibility of your purpose. 

God is not a wrong matchmaker.

God is bringing two people together in marriage to solve a particular problem in the kingdom and society at large. 

If you want to become a full time pastor , don’t tell us your God’s will is a Business sister who will never have time for kids not to mention your ministry.

If purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable!— Dr. Myles Munroe

Discover purpose before talking about relationship!


Elephant don’t marry ant!

Ensure you marry your mate!

Marry your spiritual mate!

You may say you will build him up, remember you are not the holy spirit. 

I don’t expect a sister who’s lost in purpose to say her God’s will is a new convert. Vice versa

As an Eagle, don’t marry a chicken!


As a Relationship coach, I will never advise you to get married if your genotypes are not compatible.

AA VS AS — Good




If you claim to have Faith, use your Faith to heal headache first, a Faith that cannot heal headache cannot change genotype.

I’ve seen real life situation where the children died after 20 years because of being a sickle cell anaemia patient.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!


Agreement between the two parents can sometimes be a pointer to identifying God’s will.

Devil may want to raise either of the parents to oppose the union , with patients and prayers, I can assure you they would eventually agree if it’s God’s will.

Be careful if your church leaders oppose the person biblically not sensually!

God uses people sometimes as mirror to let us see our wrongs doing.

If no one agrees to your God’s will, it may not be correct!

Go and receive again beloved!


Though in the kingdom of God, there’s neither literate nor illiterate but history has shown us that when two illiterate or literate marry each other, they tend to flow more mentally and socially.

Though many may argue this but ask them why they didn’t marry or will not marry or allow their children to marry same person they are recommending for you.

Except you are ready to enroll such for proper education, I don’t subscribe to it!

Marry your mate!


some have the gifts of revelation and God may show them their partner in forms of DIRECT physical Vision or trans. 

My mentor Evang Abisola Longe said she has received Daddy Longe before she gained admission into higher institution but keeps waiting to meet Daddy Longe lawrence which God has shown her.

Some brethren see the person while awake but in a special way you know it’s God revealing something to you.

I have seen sisters and brothers who told me this.

This is also a very good way!


To know God’s will, both partners must agree.

That is to say, what brother claims must also be real to sister.

If not, it is not advisable to move on.

Any ” NO” from any of them should be respected because God rarely forces his will on us.

11. DREAM.

I decided to put this last because this is what many Lazy or baby Christians hold on to say it’s God’s will.

Anyone can dream in as much you sleep.

If you are very close to a sister or brother, you will dream about such person.

Have you been constantly relating with God through dream before? If no, kindly beware!

Many have come to me saying they have dreams about the brother or sister, there’s no how you won’t have dreams about someone you are emotionally attached to.

Devil can easily manipulate your dream to suit you.

Dream is not the perfect way to establish God’s will.

If God’s speaking to you through dream, kindly compare whatever you receive in the dream with the scripture and seal it with prayer if it’s God’s will.

God is still in the business of leading his people today.

You too can be led.

May love find you!

Psalm 37: 5 says :

Commit your way( marriage) unto to the lord ; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.

CONTINUE READING HEREhttps://chomskyweb.wordpress.com/2019/05/12/genotype-compatibility/

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