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It is no more a surprise that heartbreak is the only song many youths sing in their love life today.

Once a someone enters or is in wrong relationship ” Devil leaves the person alone”


Many people think relationship fail because they didn’t go for three days fasting and prayers or lack of convictions.

Relationship don’t fail because Devil attack them. Devil only play on your ignorance.

Knowledge applied correctly is power.

What right knowledge will save you from, several years of prayers and fasting won’t.

Bible says ” don’t court an unbeliever “, thirty days of prayers can’t change it.

Knowledge comes by learning through relationship books and attending relationship seminar.

A youth who refused to read minimum of ten relationship books before getting married is only preparing for wedding not marriage. Don’t be surprised if such marriage fail. 

A wise youth spend his or her money buying relationship books and attending relationship talks and seminar while the other act otherwise.

Learn from others mistakes to avoid pitfalls!


When the purpose of relationship is not known; physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional abuse is inevitable.

Don’t court someone you cannot marry.

The goal of every relationship should be marriage not fun or merry making.

Heartbreak is looming for a relationship without a solid defined reason or purpose.

How could you stay with him despite he didn’t promise marriage? Break up!


***You believe relationship should be an escape route from poverty. Either of the partner gets tired because all the financial responsibility are is one sided.

Don’t be a liability to him or her.

Be an assets by getting skills and finishing your degree.
You believe relationship cannot work without sex.

Many ladies are single mothers because of lies that relationship cannot work without sex. 

If a brother or sister asks for sex in a relationship, tell him or to show you the Bible references that says that.
You believe you must have an ex or several exes.

We have seen several people who married their first love. Don’t believe the fallacy that you must have several exes before you get it right. This doesn’t mean you should remain in an abusive relationship.
You believe only the brother or sister must make calls, initiate chats or buy gifts. Kindly change that mindset!


Many lovers jumps into conclusion about their partner without asking questions.

Learn to give your partner an iota of doubt. Don’t conclude until he or she admits.

Patience is a virtue, desire it!

Why are you assuming he or she would marry you when you didn’t make marriage agreement? Stop that!

Ask him or her questions about the relationship future.


Many woke up love at the wrong time.

How would secondary school leavers, 100 level students and teenagers be thinking about relationship?

A relationship that’s immature physically (underage), financially( you want only him or her to call or finance the relationship), spiritually (manifesting fruit of righteousness), emotionally (always weeping at any slight discussion and sexually ( you cannot save sex and romance till marriage) will definitely collapse.

An immature relationship is like a timed bomb, if it doesn’t kill you, it would create permanent scars of single motherhood or fatherhood, STDs and heartbreak.


A relationship where there is no agreement in purpose, vision, ideas, genotype, academic status and religious believe cannot avoid heartbreak.

Can two work together except they agree? Agreement here is not talking about proposing and accepting proposals but talking about compatibility.

Court someone you agree with!


Two lazy people cannot be a good lover or run a successful relationship.

Get a skill and start making your money.

Sisters, stop begging for airtime!

Brothers, stop exploiting sisters!

Work! Work!work!


A relationship where two lovers are not opened to each other cannot work.

Why do you password your phone?

Why do you hide your chats?

Any relationship that’s secretive cannot work.

Ensure total transparency in your relationship!


Don’t compare your partner or relationship with anyone.

Though you need to emulate sexual purity and avoid unhealthy comparison.

Those that compare their relationship with others are not wise.

Your partner is unique!

Your relationship is unique!


When you believe you can double or multi date, collapse is inevitable.

God would have given you two penis or vagina if he wanted you to be sleeping with two people.

Someone who cheats in relationship will do worse in marriage.

If it is not one person, then it is not love but infatuation.

Hosea 4 :6 says:

IV: my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

May true love find you!

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