Sometimes in a relationship or marriage, you don’t cheat mainly because of your partner.

You can’t cheat because it’s a distraction to your ministry.

You can’t cheat because it’s a taboo to your ministry.

You can’t cheat because you can’t watch the spiritual life you have built over the years to go down within five minutes of sex or romance.

You cannot cheat because the Love of God has consumed you.

I have met several women and men who have never cheated in over twenty years of marriage.

A spiritual man will rather remain child less instead of cheating.

A spiritual man will make a woman her queen and treat her in special ways. He knows cheating is like trying to fill up a basket with water.

A spiritual, prayerful and watchful man cannot cheat!

When you chat, call or visit any opposite sex who’s not your partner every day ; cheating is unavoidable in this case.

When you call opposite sex who’s not your partner sweet names like honey, treasure, pretty, sexy, sugar etc; cheating is inevitable!

When you find happiness in the company of opposite sex aside your partner ;cheating is inevitable!

Have you heard the slogan that “all men are cheats”? Have you heard the slogan that “all women are cheats”? This is so fallacious! This is not found in the Bible!
As a man thinketh his heart, so is he. Don’t generalize your bad belief that all men cheats. I’ve never cheated and I will never cheat.

He that cheats in a relationship will surely cheats in marriage. That’s the trend.

Don’t Marry a man or woman who cheats on you in a relationship except you are ready to cope with cheating in marriage.

How do you know if a man or woman is cheating?

1⃣ Excessive, abnormal or unusual frequent call, care and affection once in a while when such needs your help.

2⃣ Such hides phone, Facebook and whatsapp chats from you. They are always scared and worried to share Facebook and phone passwords with you. Clear chats history often.

3⃣. Such tells Lies easily and often.

4⃣. Such won’t be interested in sex if married. Remember sex and romance are strictly for the married 😅😅😅

5⃣. Such can go days, weeks and months without calling, chatting or visiting in a relationship🤔🤔🤔

6⃣. Such would prefer close friendship with opposite sex😓😓😓

7⃣. Such would complain of not having feelings for you anymore and clamor for break up.

8⃣. The relationship will be one sided. You will be the only one initiating chats, calls and discussions. He or she claims the relationship is boring.

9⃣. Such would claim she’s too busy to have your time.

Cheating is not spiritual gift neither is it fruit of righteous.

He that cheats is of the devil, because the devil cheats from the beginning.

He that’s born of God cannot cheat because the seed of sexual purity remains in him

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