Signs Showing that You are Becoming Emotionally attached in your Opposite Sex Friendship!

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There is nothing bad at all in opposite sex friendship, only if you let it remain “friendship” if nothing more has been defined. 
Not all friendship are meant to end in a relationship!

A lot of ladies had been abused sexually because of their carelessness or wrong attitude in their opposite sex friendship. 
Also, some brothers found themselves in a relationship they did not even bargain for or faced sexual temptations, because of this same reasons.

When you cross boundaries in your opposite sex friendship, know for sure such friendship may end in great regrets.
How Do I know If I’m crossing any boundary or going emotional in my opposite sex friendship?

1. When it has become a must for me to call, message or visit the person everyday or most frequently, even if there is nothing important about this. If I don’t hear from him or her I can’t get interested in any other thing or people around.

2. When I’m becoming jealous of his or her other opposite sex friendship. “It must only be me or me first” watch!

3. When you become cold or angry when he didn’t chat you up, call you or visit you. You always become so hurt about this! Watch!

4. When you are feeling sexually arouse when he or she is around you. Most especially non virgins may experience this more. Watch!

5. When you see him or her as a bestie! Not all, but most besties end up on bed without even telling one another anything. They act it, until they regret it. It is better to get a bestie of your sex if you need one and you feel sexually uncomfortable with an opposite sex bestie, don’t deceive yourself. It is safer!

6. When people around you are assuming that you guys are in a relationship already. It means you guys are doing or saying some things unknowingly. People are watching! Emotions is building already. Watch!

7. When you talk or chat deeply and sometimes into the night or early morning. You must hear from him or her early first! And you use words, phrases and images lovers use for one another without minding the meanings. You know! But you pretend you don’t know! Emotions is building so fast! Watch!

8. When you feel like touching him or her closely often when together. To some, frequent long hugs does not matter, “he is just my friend!” No bad intension but watch it sis! It is so so shameful when I read from some ladies saying their friend had sex with them or deflowered them. If you fell into sin with your lover, it is bad and sinful but it is even so terrible and unthinkable if this happened between you and a friend. Why???

9. When you dislike his or her partner( if he or she is engaged) for no reason. You don’t even know! You are subconsciously desiring him or her. Simple!

10. When he or she get engaged and you feel jilted or heart broken.

11. When you both always want to stay alone mostly behind closed door, undisturbed by any other. Watch it!

When you are experiencing any of these, Pause or slow down and define your Relationship! Stop acting like you are in a relationship when you are not! It is so easy to be very careless with a non lover until something happens. Be careful! #Oluwaniyi Aderopo Hezekiah


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