Maybe it is not God’s will…

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It was all my fault…

I was invited to a musical concert and I decided to tell one sister that I liked to go with me.
I know Oyinbo people call such meetings ‘a date’ but it was ‘Sightseeing’ I called it when I invited her.

I have always liked the sister secretly since about five years ago and I was still waiting for Green light from her and also from God, but the only thing I was seeing from God was yellow light while the sister herself kept showing Rainbow.
I meant God told me to wait a while; while the sister didn’t show encouraging signs.

Yes, I know she still chatted with me some days and likes my pictures on Facebook; she even follows me on Instagram and I always comment on her beautiful pictures.
But anytime I try to used style to talk about love, relationship and marriage, she will ‘Lol’ me or go offline.

When I showed her to my best friend during the last December camp meeting we had, the first question my guy asked was, ‘Hope it is not her beauty that is leading you instead of God?’

I didn’t know what to answer him as I knew I lacked evidences and proofs to back up my secret love for her.
‘Is Love even not enough?’ I asked myself.

I knew I still liked five other sisters apart from her, but she was the one I really wished to settle down with later in life.
It is not as if I have the boldness to call her my soulmate but if I could choose, I wouldn’t hesitate to marry her.

As I was saying, last weekend, Friday evening, when I was given the invitation to the concert, she was the first one that came to mind.
Our mutual love for music was one of the many things that we shared. And she quickly said ‘Yes’ when I mentioned the names of popular gospel artistes coming to town.

We took a taxi together to the venue and I paid the fare for both of us and everything seemed perfect.
‘I hope my financial investment yields profit of marriage at last’, I whispered in quick prayer as I held the door for her to enter.

About fifteen minutes after we entered, the concert started proper and the first performance was done by an up and coming local artist.
I had met the guy in a conference we organized few months ago and I was surprised and pleased to see he has now developed to the level where he could be called to perform in a concert of such magnitude.

J-strings was his stage name and he always played the guitar when he sang.
And I must confess, he was so so good at the musical instrument. And his voice was very pure and soothing.

We were just about thirty seconds into his first song when I noticed a disturbing something.
The sister I brought had her eyes fixed on the stage and she didn’t even respond when I asked her a question.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you before. Her name is Blessing.

At first, I thought Blessing was just lost in the heavenly lyrics of the song but when I looked deep into her eyes, I saw something else.
I saw Love in her eyes.
She was looking at J-Strings the way I look at a fresh EdikaIkong soup wickedly spoiled with both pomo and smoked fish.
I clear terms, I mean, there was desire in Blessing’s eyes. A look I had never seen when she looked at me.

I ignored the burning jealousy within me and remembered the often repeated notion that ‘Ladies fall for Men who play the Guitar.’
I was angry that the hypothesis was confirmed with my head but I didn’t show it.

When he finished his performance and was cheered off the stage, Blessing screamed into everyone’s ear,
‘I love yoooooou!’
‘Wow’ that was the only thing I could say when I heard her.

There I was, loving somebody who just threw her love at a guy she had not even met.

I praised myself that day at the manner I was able to keep my cool until the concert ended.

Immediately we said the ‘Grace’ and the concert closed, Blessing jerked my elbow and told us to quickly go and meet J-Strings behind the stage.

When we got there, few persons were with him since most people preferred other popular artistes. So it wasn’t hard for us to meet him.

He still recognized me from the conference and we shook hands.
He smiled brightly but my own smile could have killed a baby chicken.

Blessing also greeted her and kept praising him as if he was an Angel. She took like fifteen pictures with him and when I came to join in a selfie, she held the camera in such a way that only half of my head showed.

It was painful but I pretended not to be angry.
Could you believe that Blessing even gave him her phone number?

Now, I am staring at Blessing’s messages on WhatsApp and she is just telling me of the good time they had yesterday evening at Tantalizer.

She even told me that she had always known God was preparing her to marry a Musician.

If I had known, I would have listened when my dad tried to force me to learn Guitar.
Even though I can play the piano well, see how I have been relegated to lower league 2 just cos of guitar.

Anyway, I wish them well and I am writing this message here to ask my good friends. Please, check this matter critically, am I to blame? 
Was there anything I could have done differently?
Maybe it is not God’s will, right? 
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be?

haaaa This is all fiction pals #Victor

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