This is dedicated to those who make my life worth the while.

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Having read a Psychology book and another text on the history of this world. I think maybe this post is a residue of plunging myself into those two.

The truth is, there is not much to life.
We are but passengers here.
People come, others leave.
He dies, another is born.
We lose, we win.
We cry, we laugh.
It all seems pointless at a time. We begin to ask ourselves, why are we even here. For what reasons were we created?
And while some will console themselves with some grand answers of the purpose of their creation, a vast majority just live from day to day, going through the motions.

Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Restart.

Most of those before us did these four cardinal activities till death, and now it is our turn.
And whoever you are, rich or poor, male or female, whoever you are, all four come to pass.
The difference is that while some work like play, doing the things they love, maybe even affecting many lives while working, most others work to get paid and be able to wake, eat and sleep in peace.

It all seems like a pointless living but that is what goes for each and everyone who has ever lived.

From the most successful King Solomon to the most miserable Job, they all declared the same conclusion; Life is like a smoke, a vapour that cometh and passeth away.

This post seems all melancholic and sad, but look alive!
The knowledge I am trying to pass across is not to bring you down but to raise you up.

You see, having settled it in your mind that there is not much to life, it should make us know and do the things that count.

This is why some of us do things that gives us a certain tiny sense of purpose, to make life a bit interesting.

That is why you see people sit down for hours just to write a story on Facebook, some travel the world just for the adventure, some give up riches just to stay with friends.

And this is where Family, Friends and Hobbies are important. You get to laugh with these three.
You sit with your family and friends and discuss and laugh or cry, just to feel that you are part of something. Just sitting in their company gives a sense that life is not meant to be lived alone.
We take up hobbies too to while away the time on our hands. No matter who you are and how busy you may be, there will be a time when you will sit with nothing to do.

It is this time that the realization dawns on you; You have been nothing but a passenger on earth. You then begin to think and muse on how you have spent your life; and this is where depression starts from – cos most of us will surely be disappointed when we consider the unfulfilled dreams and broken hopes we harboured as a child.

To escape from this, some of us seek solace in doing things that keep us happy and distract our thoughts from the aforementioned.

Do you know what is common to these three: friends, family and hobbies? LOVE.
Ask anyone and he will tell you life goes faster when you spend it with people you love and doing things you love.

You can talk for hours. Play for hours. All to make life more interesting and worth living.
In conclusion, when you feel you haven’t done a thing worthwhile, don’t feel too bad, many of us haven’t. But we believe we still will. Join the train.

When you feel everything is against you, well, don’t worry, it’s all transient anyway. Put it off your mind and mingle with people around you.

Do you feel bored? ‘Unbore’ another person, find someone’s trouble. Make new friends and remember the old ones.
In all, create you own life, make your own happiness, fill your own emptiness, Do something.

Well, I think that is the end of the post.
However, can one really talk about life and not mention God?
Remove the God factor from all this and life become more tasteless. And then, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to after life.

So change your own activity today. Don’t just wake, eat, work and sleep.
Remember to live too, and laugh, and love.

For these three beautifies life.
Musings, #VJW

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