A lot of my counselees have told me how potential partner or friends complain about the size of their body. Some say you are too fat or slim.

Don’t allow any man or woman body shame you on earth! You are God’s creature for goodness sake. You were made in the image and likeness of God. God made your body accurately and perfectly. You were bought at a price with the precious blood of Jesus.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Dear Sister, don’t allow any man body shame you. You are wonderfully and beautifully made. You were made in God’s image and his likeness.

Don’t stay in a relationship with any man that say you are not bursty enough.

Don’t stay in a relationship with any man that say your bumbum is too flat, you are too fat or slim.

Don’t stay in a relationship with anyone who says you are took Dark or light. You didn’t create your skin colour. You are unique!

Don’t be brain washed that you cannot get a man or woman to marry you because of your small, big and short breasts, bumbum or height.

There are men who loves it big or small. There’s one particular person who would love every part of your body the way you are.

Dear Brother, don’t stay in a relationship with any sister that says you are too short, your head is too big or you are ugly.

Love is acceptance. Acceptance of every part of your body you cannot change is Love.

Above all these,

Dear Sister, don’t look older than your age! I don’t expect a single Sister to look like the married. Because you are single, that’s the more reason to look more attractive and smell nice.

I have seen married women in the late forties with 4 kids who looks like they are in late twenties while I have seen Singles at late twenties or thirties who look like they are in forties.

I have heard from many married women in late forties how they receive proposal often thinking they are in Single despite giving birth to children, whereas I have met several single ladies tell me how no brother has proposed to them for months.

Dear Sister, no man wanna marry a woman who looks like his mother.

You can be single and attractive!

You can be single and smell nice!

Dear Brother, I don’t expect you to have big tommy like an old man when you are young.

Don’t carry avoidable pregnancy Bro. Pot belly is not spirituality!

Who told you holy men cannot maintain six pack? We can maintain six pack and six car as well.

You also need to move on from the mentality that he or she must take you for who you are when you are not doing anything to keep fit.

How can you look attractive and keep fit as single?


Gym often. Some sisters or brothers needs to subscribe for the monthly fitness training.

You may walk up to the nearest gym centre close to you to keep fit. 3000naira a month is not too much to keep fit.

Fitness is not totally about your size. I have seen slim people who are not fit. I have seen people with more flesh who are fit. It’s all about how you exercise your body.

What about skipping rope at home for 30 minutes unstopping?

What about doing PUSH UP as a man?

What about walking a distance everyday?

What about lifting a weight at home?

What about playing football, basketball, table or lawn tennis?

Dear Sister, Are you aware that regular exercise can help reduce the pain you will go through while loosing your virginity in marriage ? Regular and rigorous Exercise helps to weaken your hymen for easier penetration during sex.

2. Eat healthy.

You all know what is balance diet.

Dear Sister, indomie or cornflake is not balanced diet. Cook good and solid food so that you can look fit and add flesh.

Avoid eating too much start in the night to regulate your weight to avoid being obese.

Dear Brother, stop thinking you cannot eat good food since you are single. You can learn and start performing wonders in the kitchen while single.

What about taking fruit salad? What about making fresh fruit juice?


It’s not when you are rich that you can look good and attractive. What about regular ironing of the clothes you have?

Look for the affordable and attractive clothes. It’s not a must you buy them from boutique.

If you still believe using perfume or body spray is a sin, then you are on your own. Smell nice! 😅😅😅

If you still believe slim fitting your oversize trousers or shirt to look nice is a sin, then you are on your own. Tailor the dress!

If you still believe using cream or bathing with soap is a sin, then you are on your own. Bath often!

If you still believe using powder is a sin as a sister, then you are on your own.

Shabby dressing is not spirituality!

4. Be friendly.

An angry woman or man doesn’t look attractive. You look more beautiful when you smile.

Smile always and put on the glory of God.

Frowning is not spirituality!

You don’t have the whole world problem in your life. No matter what are going through, you are better than some people and your situation is not the worst.

Give Jesus and people a big smile 😅😅😅

Make friends with godly brothers and Sisters.

Carry a cheerful and happy mood.

Don’t allow anybody pity you.

You are not an object of pity.

Everything God made is beautiful, it depends on the beholder!

1Tim.4.8 – For BODILY EXERCISE profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. #Hezekiah

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