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Every Christian Assembly is a gathering of sheep and goats. For clarity, sheep are people who have experienced the saving grace of Christ and are careful to maintain a life of purity on daily basis. Goats, on the other hand, may have the form of godliness but they lack the power for a godly life. They have no personal relationship with the Father. Strangely, goats may rise to become influential people in a church; some are bishops while others are leaders of departments.

In the natural, I know that goats hate water; they resist water from coming in contact with their bodies. Spiritually, it implies the attitude of goats to God’s word because the word is also likened to water (Eph. 5: 26). No wonder they are never cleansed from sin. Goats love everything we do in church except a sound teaching of the Word. Goats are rebellious and independent; sheep are teachable and can be led.

Here’s my counsel: don’t let goats who are like mixed multitude stir you up to rebellion or make you blind to the dangers of sin (Exo.12:38; Num.11:4). They are the ones who see nothing with worldly dressing and therefore castigate God’s servants who warn against worldly dressing. Their argument usually make sense to those whose inner eyes have not been opened and possess only natural sense concerning the matters of God’s kingdom. They foment trouble in the congregation by questioning the old path of truth. Their wisdom and perspective is of this world. Don’t be stirred up to become an agent of division in God’s vineyard. It is better to leave a denomination or church if you have strong reasons to do so than to remain there and be a thorn in the flesh of those in authority. God is jealous over His church and would not tolerate anyone whose works threatens the unity of the brethren.

credit: Ernest Ighravwe

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