‘I have a meeting in office this early morning too.’ Emma said. He spoke to someone who was with him before adding, ‘My wife is hurrying us up. We have to leave now.’ I gave up and told him they could go. I had not taken my bath at that time, and I didn’t think I was ready to allow Victoria see me in my ‘natural’ state just yet. Emma ended the call and I could feel my hope of starting anything with Victoria terminate with the phone call. I shrugged and two hours later, lost in the business of my job, I forgot about Victoria and my love life. II. I visited Emma’s house in the evening while I was returning from work. He wasn’t back from work but I was able to meet his wife. ‘He should be home in fifteen to twenty minutes.’ She informed me. She smiled as she changed the station of the TV to a sports station. ‘I just finished making fried potatoes and eggs o, will you have some?’

She asked. I wanted to refuse the meal in my usual way but when I remembered the previous evening’s experience, I thought otherwise. ‘Oh, don’t worry too much jare.’ I smiled and told her. ‘But I will have some anyway, if you insist.’ She went into the kitchen and returned with the sumptuous light meal. I thanked her and settled down to enjoy the food with a game of football showing on the TV screen. Some minutes later, Mrs Emma, as I often playfully called her, joined me in the sitting room and asked. ‘What do you think of that sister Vic?’ Her question took me by great surprise and I almost choked on the crisp potato I just swallowed. ‘Which… Which Vic?’ I feigned ignorance. ‘Sister Victoria now. The sister you brought here yesterday night.’ ‘Oh, sister Victoria?

That is who you call Vic?’ I smiled doubtfully, ‘She is okay.’ ‘Okay’ she replied. A minute passed before she asked another question. ‘What do you think about her and the way you met her coincidentally. Don’t you think it had the hand of God written all over it?’ I quickly swallowed the last part of the food and drank the water before engaging in the new line of weighty discussion. I cleaned my mouth with my right hand and rubbed it against the left. ‘Wife? How do you mean?’ I asked. She gave me a certain look before answering, ‘Don’t you want to marry? Or are you not bothered? Have you not been praying?’ ‘Of course, I have been praying about a wife but I don’t think God has said anything about her.’

‘How does God speak to you?’ She asked, ‘Sorry that I am talking like this o. I just felt we should discuss.’ She hesitated a bit before she continued, ‘I had a dream last night about the two of you.’ ‘The two of us? I… I… I don’t understand’ ‘Yes. I had a dream about you and the Sister Victoria.’ I was too astounded to answer her immediately, so I nodded for her to go on with the dream narration. ‘You were in a car with me and Emmanuel. It seemed we were headed for the church and were ready to move but you said you wanted us to wait for someone.’

‘We waited for some moments and when we could no longer wait, we told you to drive the car so we could leave.’ ‘You grudgingly agreed but when you tried to start the car, the vehicle didn’t start. You tried again and again, yet, the car refused to kick into life.’ ‘We were still struggling with the car when the person you had been waiting for came around. It turned out to be Victoria.’ ‘You rejoiced and laughed when you saw her and you quickly opened the door for her to come sit beside you in the front seat.’ ‘As soon as she was seated, you tried to start the car again, and this time, the car started and the engine kicked into life. And it was only then we were able to start the journey.’ Mrs. Emmanuel concluded telling the dream and waited to see my reaction. But I hid my expression and gave her a blank look. I quickly understood the obvious interpretation of the dream she had but I didn’t want to show her narration meant anything to me. When she waited and saw I wasn’t going to say anything, she opened her hands in question, ‘So?’ she said. I smiled and returned, ‘So?’

She looked at me uncomprehendingly and asked if I heard the dream she just told me. ‘I heard you; I am waiting for your interpretation. Joseph brought the dream, he also gave the meaning thereof.’ ‘Can’t you see the obvious meaning? Stop forming for me jor.’ I laughed, smoothed my shirt and asked her to tell me the meaning. ‘Well,’ she began, ‘Go and pray about it yourself and take it to God in prayers. And you can even ask God to tell you his mind directly. We all children of God after all.’ She smiled and stood up. She took the remote from the table and faced the television, just as if we had not been talking about something so important as marital choice and visions.


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