THREE WEEKS LATER ‘What in the world is happening to me today?’ Mike grimaced. That was the fourth time he would be trying to type the title of the CEO’s report. He had already previously failed to meet the deadline twice. Trying to relax and clear his head, he stood up and paced the large office floor. He stopped before the frame before him and considered the picture. His admiration of the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ portrait hung at the right hand corner of his office was interrupted by the uninvited picture of Sarah’s beautiful smiling face that suddenly popped up in his mind. ‘No, no, no! Not now!’ ‘I can’t think of her now. No! Not today!’ He struggled with himself. The image of her face was replaced with the replay of how they first met; and Mike could not help but smile. But the tentative smile was soon dissipated by a gloom as Mike remembered the events of the past. Since the day he’d been told his genotype was AS, and the break-off he had been forced to have with Sarah, Mike had gradually been losing faith. With all the fasting and prayer he’d done, his doubts were still on the increase. He prayed and prayed to be given another direction but answers were not forthcoming from heaven. And here he was, everything seemed to be a joke on him. He didn’t know what else to do. Leaning against the office shelf, he tried to get a hold of himself. ‘Should I pray?’ ‘Praying won’t solve a thing’ He thought. Worse still, he was feeling terribly guilty for abandoning Sarah, not calling her since it all went down. ‘How could I?’ ‘Call her to say what exactly? It will only serve to increase the hurt she already must be feeling’ Mike tried to excuse himself, but his conscience could not. ‘Maybe I should at least send a text’. ‘That’s exactly what I will do. I will send her a text today by 4’. And then, that was it. The tumult in his mind quietened and he felt an inexplicable peace of mind. Smiling and shaking his head, Mike returned to work. *****************************************************************

Literally running out of the Lab, with her full black hair held with ribbon at the back bouncing on her neck, Sarah was all smiles. Trying to replay the whole event, she wondered if it was all a sham. When the Laboratory Head Scientist handed her the test results, she jumped out of the chair and gave him a full embrace, breaking her ‘No hug’ rule. And then she quickly withdrew when she realized what she had done. Sarah managed to sit down again, glanced all around her and took in the moment. Everything else was in perfect shape. Even the stationeries in a cup on the table seemed to all stand straight. She took out the result sheet again and couldn’t believe the miracle that had just been wrought in her life. Settling down, cold tears started flowing slowly; tears of gratitude at the impossibility of the whole situation.

Ever since Mike broke things off with her because of the genotype incompatibility, Sarah has ‘I don’t understand you. What is AA’? Mike didn’t quite comprehend. ‘I am AA.’ She said again; ‘I mean my genotype is AA, not AS.’ ‘WE ARE COMPATIBLE!’ Sarah shouted into her phone. ‘Calm down, Sarah. I am not sure I understand what you mean’ Mike wanted to be sure before releasing the joy that was already forming in his heart. ‘How can genotype change?’ Though it was the most wonderful news he’d heard all year, Mike couldn’t believe what he’d just been told. ‘Don’t use your airtime. Let me call you back.’ He said quickly. ‘Okay, thank you’. Sarah ended the call and it was only then she remembered to remove her shoe. She didn’t even notice her mom and dad who were peering through the open door until she turned her head. ‘Good evening daddy, good evening mom’. She couldn’t hide her excitement. Sarah greeted her parents, almost singing the words. She had never been happier all her life; not even when she realized she had fallen in love with Mike. ‘I am sorry I didn’t come to greet you when I entered’. She added. ‘We can see why’, her mom replied, smiling has she did so. She was very happy to finally hear the sound of her daughter’s laughter after so many days. ‘So you heard everything I was saying…?’ Sarah said, slightly embarrassed and her mom nodded in affirmation. Sarah’s dad, who had been looking sternly at her all the while, finally spoke. ‘Yes, we heard everything.’ Sarah was suddenly getting uncomfortable with the tone of her father’s voice but she still kept her face smiling. ‘We heard everything’, her father said again. ‘But let me quickly tell you before he calls back. I am not having that boy as my son-in-law!’ he added. ‘I won’t give my daughter to a boy who allowed me to bear shame!’ Her dad declared. Sarah was stunned. She looked to her mom for some help but it was not forthcoming.

‘Besides, I am not convinced he is who God wants for you!’ Sarah’s father concluded. Sarah could only stand before he parents with mouth open and heart hurt. She couldn’t manage to speak any words. ‘Why…why is this happening?’ she mumbled through half-parted lips. Sarah’s initial shock at her father’s words was immediately replaced with fear when her phone began to ring once more. ‘Grace, your grace…’ The cool voice of Michael Smith that came from her phone had never sounded so painful. Sarah looked from her phone to her dad and back again. The fire in his father’s eyes and the lines of his set jaw were enough to make her leave the phone as it rang out and stopped. ‘You will not marry him!’ Her father said again, this time more loudly as he hit his fist on the room’s only table for emphasis. ‘Why dad, why?’ Sarah asked again with a broken voice just as the phone resumed ringing. ‘Why do you hate me so, dad…?’ Her weeping just about drowned the ringing voice of Michael Smith as her dad stormed out of the room. ‘…Shines on me…’ The ringing continued. God, why…?! She directed her questions to heaven. ‘Why is this happening?’ Sarah’s sobs could be heard just between the rings. ‘…Shines on me…’ ‘Why, God..?! Sarah wept. Her mom came to her and hugged her, parting her back and trying all her best to comfort her. ‘It will be well, my dear, it will be well’ She said. ‘But why…? Sarah wept more. ‘…Shines on me’ Michael Smith san


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