FIVE DAYS LATER John had noticed the moody countenance of his brother since he came back from church the previous Sunday. He initially tried to push his thoughts away and convince himself his elder brother always had everything figured out, but his spirit drew his attention to his countenance everyday that had passed since that Sunday evening. Finally unable to keep quiet, he tried to design the best way to raise the issue without sounding intrusive. They had just finished watching a fresh episode of a series both followed on TV and the screenplay dealt with secrets and speaking up. ‘This is a good way for me to talk to him.’ John reasoned and shifted on the chair as Mike changed the TV channel. ‘Wow! That was a good episode.’ John began gently. ‘But don’t you think he shouldn’t have told her?’ He was referring to the protagonist and his relationship with his wife. The question caught Mike’s attention and he coughed, clearing his throat before engaging in the conversation. ‘Well,’ he started after muting the TV. ‘I think he should have told her.’ ‘Why?’ John queried. As Mike went on to explain the reasons, John listened intently and wondered if his brother was listening to himself too.

When Mike ended his deep and long speech about secrets and their effects on relationships, John looked at him and hoped he wouldn’t have to say anything before the elder brother realized what he had just said. After a moment of silence, Mike nodded his head in comprehension and smiled. He shook his head, ‘Well-played’ he said to his brother. John smiled back. ‘You think I am hiding some things from you?’ Mike asked. ‘Well, since you came back from church last Sunday, you have been moody and quiet around the house. I am certain something is wrong, and I think it has to do with Sister Sarah.’ ‘You are right.’ Mike said simply and wondered how his brother had grown very wise over the years. Though he was two years younger, the manner he talked sometimes made Mike wonder who was indeed older. ‘Please, can you tell me a bit of what happened, at least to share the burden?’ John’s face had concern and love written all over it. Strangely, Mike felt his mind calm and he felt a nudge within him, directing him to tell his younger brother about it all. And so he did. Mike went into every detail and told John about his own inner struggles and doubts.

When he finished, he could already feel his heart become lighter even when John hadn’t said anything yet. He heaved a sigh of relief and waited for his brother to respond. ‘And in all this, Sarah loves you still?’ John asked. ‘Yeah, she said she still loves me.’ Mike bowed his head and considered the statement. ‘After all these battles, Sarah still loves me; I just wish I could love her in return as I once did.’ ‘Okay. So how do you know you don’t love her anymore?’ ‘I just know. I don’t feel that strong emotion I once had when I think about her anymore.’ ‘My heart doesn’t think of her fondly the way it once did.’ Mike added. A few moments of silence passed before John spoke again. ‘Bro, have you not heard about the two expressions of love?’ ‘What does that mean?’ Mike asked and shifted towards his brother. ‘I read about it in a book last month. The author said Love can be expressed in two forms- as a whirlwind or as breeze.

The whirlwind love is a strong emotion of attraction, longing and compassion for a person, while the breeze is a gentle flow of peaceful thoughts about a person.’ Mike nodded in agreement and John continued, ‘The whirlwind love comes and goes depending on events while the breeze love is always present. And I think this is what you have, Brother Mike. I think you still love Sister Sarah but the whirlwind love has disappeared because of the struggles you two have faced recently. In my opinion, I think God supports the relationship.’ ‘Uhmmm…’ Mike began to think about the words and found it held some truth. But a question lingered. ‘Why then do you think all these battles are against us if, indeed, God is with the union.’ He asked aloud. Again, a minute passed as John thought long and hard about the important question. His face lightened up suddenly and Mike knew he had an insight already. ‘My brother,’ John began again. ‘Was it the will of God that the children of Israel get to the Promised Land?’ Mike didn’t have to think about the answer. ‘Yes’ he said. ‘Was the journey easy for them despite it being the will of God?’

‘No’ Mike nodded as he replied. John smiled and continued, ‘Again, was it the will of God that David become the king of Israel?’ ‘Yes, of course. He was anointed.’ ‘Did he not suffer for years when Saul pursued after his life?’ Mike nodded and heaved, ‘Yes, he had battles from left and right.’ ‘Why then do we think everything that is in the plans of God must be peaceful? God promises our arrival at a destination, not a peaceful journey without any troubles.’ When John ended his words and looked into his brother’s face, he could see the admiration and more importantly, the peace mirrored on his face. John smiled, ‘So you see? I am sure you still love Sarah, and I believe God wants both of you together. That is why you have overcome all these troubles together.’ Mike was lost for words as a sense of clarity and direction washed over him. He stood up, walked to his brother and said, ‘God bless you with more wisdom, bro. Thank you very much.’ ‘I have to pray and speak with Sarah afterwards’ Mike added and headed for his room. As his brother left, John also bowed his head and spoke some words of prayer.

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SOMEDAY DOWN THE ROAD As they sat beside each other, listening to the voice of the Pastor in the wedding reception, their fingers locked and their lips smiling, Sarah’s bright eyes went from her mother to her father and with the joy on their faces, no one could tell the union being celebrated had previously suffered troubles on every side. Her fingers held Mike’s more tightly and he turned his face to her, a beautiful smile playing at his lips. ‘I love you’ He whispered. ‘I never thought I could love anyone this way.’ Sarah smiled and gently rubbed the back of his hand with his thumb in the mildest of touches. Seated some metres from the bridegroom with a matching suit, John smiled and looked up to the heavens, and he could imagine the angels up above smiling down at the couple with a wonder of love. ‘There is no love like this’ John whispered to the ears of the two lovers and they smiled. ‘There is no love like ours’, Sarah and Mike agreed as they held hands and leaned against each other, with shoulders brushing. ‘It is the Lord’s doing’, the both whispered.

#VJW All stories are Fiction. Enjoy


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