You’re another man’s definition of a trophy. Come on, heads up. You’re a Queen.

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I’ll always advise ladies : Go for a man who really loves you. Ditch the one you love who doesn’t reciprocate; else, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to get him to.

For every guy who doesn’t want you, there are at least 3 who would do anything to have you look their way. No woman is resistant to affection and care. If a man loves you as he should, believe me, you’ll respond to it eventually.

No matter what society argues to the contrary, men are the hunters and I’ll never advise you to ask a man out. It’s his duty. In fact, the first sign of laziness in a man, is slackening in the pursuit of the woman he wants to marry and neglect doing his part to make it work.

It’s unnatural for a man to sit back and have the lady do all the work. In fact, that’s an obvious sign that he’s not into you. When he loves you, he makes an effort. You don’t have to beg for anyone’s affection, you deserve better. If you insist on pursuing him, you’ll only come out feeling worthless, unworthy of attention, heart broken, frustrated.

There are things he’d consider too much to stress over for you, but he wouldn’t think twice before doing same for the girl he loves. So no matter how difficult it may seem, you can actually learn to ignore this guy. You can actually walk away with your self respect intact. This is where you must learn to subdue your emotions, they’re yours.

The problem is that sometimes, women get too taken by romance movies. It’s unfortunate that it’s not always so in real life. Some men and women do not marry the one they love. They learn to love the one they marry. If you do marry the one who reciprocates your affections, you’re just lucky.

So in this case of imperfection, let it be the man who loves you. Don’t pursue a man who doesn’t love you, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to get him to. Difficult as it may seem, sis you’ll respond to the affection. You’re simply programmed that way.

So it’s high time you stop being the only person calling, initiating chats, planning dates or any communication that exists between you two. It’s high time you stop complaining that he’s always too busy for you. Nobody is busier than the person who’s not interested in you. News is, he has time for some other girl. You’re a Princess for goodness sake.

The way girls do the pursuit makes me wonder. This guy should feel lucky to have you. If he doesn’t value you, wait for someone who does. It’s really simple. He may not even be such a great guy after all, but our emotions have a way of placing someone on a pedestal. Take him down from that pedestal, sit on it.

You can’t force, cajole or love a man into loving you. He’ll accept your affection and still reject you. Don’t do that ma’am. Don’t. If you’re planning to, pls forget it. No matter how confident you may be feeling initially, when he says no, you’ll come back feeling worthless. Believe it or not, it will affect how you see yourself and traumatize your self respect.

The only way to shoot your shot is to ignore him totally and hope for the best. Forget all those lies all over the net. No man wants a girl he doesn’t like pursuing him. It only feeds his ego and makes him loose respect for her. You’re another man’s definition of a trophy, an asset. Don’t let someone else make you feel otherwise.

Come on, heads up. You’re a Queen.

You deserve to be loved, pursued, impressed and won over. He should worry about loosing you. He should earn your trust and love. He should work for it and earn it. People don’t value what they get easily. Argue till tomorrow, that’s the simple truth.

Don’t forget, you’re a Princess 😉

God Bless you.

Adaeze Rosemary Possible

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