Relationship is met to be enjoyed not endured.

A relationship you endure abuse, the marriage you cannot enjoy.

A relationship that always make you sad and sorrowful, the marriage will give you high blood pressure and hypertension.

A relationship where he rapes you and force himself on you, the marriage, he will sleep with your sister, daughter or mother.

A relationship where he beats you or dash you slap at any slight provocation, the marriage will be a battlefield for you two like a wrestling court.

A relationship where his or her family members insults and talk down about you and make you feel inferior and loose your self confidence, the marriage you may not have peace with any of the family members.

A relationship where he or she can freely and unremorsefully call you bad and insulting name, the marriage you will become a statue of insult and embarrassment.


Sex is not Love, if sex is love, then prostitute would be the most loving.

If he says “if you love me, you will give me sex”, tell him ” if you love me, you will pay my bride before asking for sex” – Remember that’s one of the Eleven wrong relationship I wrote about that you must avoid as a single.

Don’t stay in a conditional relationship.

Giving him your virginity as a proof of love is lust and stupidity.

Allowing him to have sex with other ladies because you can’t give him premarital sex is stupidity not Love .

Arranging ladies for him to have sex with because you can’t commit premarital sex is highest level of stupidity and you are breeding a promiscuous man.

Sex doesn’t sustain a relationship, you can testify to it that it’s either he leaves after you give him sex or he leaves because you don’t give him sex.

The reason there are several single mother in the society today is as a result of premarital and extramarital sex.

3. Committing Abortion.

I cannot imagine the fish brain in some ladies cerebellum oblongata that would make you commit abortion for ORDINARY BOYFRIEND OR FIANCEE?

Imagine you die while or after committing the abortion? This same guy will marry another lady.

Whenever you wanna have sex outside marriage, remember what you saying is that you need extramarital children and you wanna get pregnant.

Abortion makes you a mother of dead babies.

Any man who asks you to commit abortion hates you and such is stupid.

Such man is an agent of darkness sent to terminate your destiny and life.

If you don’t know the implications of Abortion, kindly read my story “THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL”.


If you fight every day and always, it’s a sign your marriage will be fight-full

You cannot make a single decision without fighting and quarreling in a relationship, imagine what would happen when you get married and kids are involved? It would be WWE contest before you take any decision.


How could you shameless pack into the house of a guy that has not done small thing on your head not mention marrying you legally?

When a man start enjoying marriage advantages in relationship, he may never see any reason to marry you.

A lady told me how she used to wash hip of dirty dishes in her ex family house despite she won’t be able to lift a plate in her own family house.

Another lady told me how she used to do daily and weekly cooking of food and different soups , cleaning, washing, shopping and baking for her ex.

Wash plenty dirty clothes.

Cook different delicacy.

Fetch water.

Regular cleaning of the environment.

If you do all these in relationship, why do you think such man will be eager to marry you? That’s why many of you are in Metuselaship (long-term relationship i.e Above five years)


It’s called relationship not borrowership. So, why should you go into debt?

Any lady or guy that support or encourage you to borrow to meet their needs at all cost in a relationship doesn’t love you.

A person who loves you will restrict you from borrowing if you can’t afford it in a relationship but players will get angry, plead, pester and disturb you to borrow or even steal if you don’t have the money demanded for.


7. Fighting your spiritual and physical parents.

Any relationship that makes you to become enemy with your father and mother cannot be from God.

Relationship is meant to unite your family together not break or tear it apart.

A father and mother that has labored over you for more than 20 years will not wish you evil if not possessed by Demons

Someone who nurture you in the words of God when you are still spiritual babe will always want the best for you if not that such has gone back to the world.

Because you are in Love, you may think with your heart because you don’t want to experience heartbreak but they would think with their Brian so as to preserve your soul.

Listen to their godly advise.

8. Breaking up with all your Godly friends.

Many people are struggling in a bad marriage today because they broke up with all the friends that suppose to have helped them when they started the relationship.

A godly relationship wouldn’t make you break up with your godly friends, rather it will unite you.

If you have found yourself in any of this miserable relationship, what you need is genuine repentance from your sin and break up with such person.

According to a survey I made, see below the list of stupid things people have done for LOVE(emotional feeling without any conviction-LUST).

Question: can you mention the stupid things you did for love in a relationship?

1. Borrowing money for her only for her to refuse to pay back after she got her own money.

2. Selling my house for my girlfriend to go and school abroad.

3. Gave out my three vehicle’s, one for her mother,another one for her father and the other for herself.

4. Give him money when ever he ask for it.

5. Gave him my school fees for him to go and produce music.

6. I sold my brand new phone so that he could have transportation and lunch.

7. Stole my mother hard earned money to buy him wrist watch for Valentine🙄🤔
Kai! Mumu me😏

8. Emptied my bank account worth 75k planning to make a million to 0.00k,,,, chaiiiii Unyime Frank Yuwhy who carry love swear for you?

I use my own hand drag myself from the high sit to the floor,the bastard use my money rent house and marry as I been no get wetin to use the money do,,

some men are heartless,,, chai! Father please have mercy on me and revive me again please Lord.

9. Even when I know he’s at fault I still beg him and cry for him.

I laugh at myself wen I think about it now.

10. Setting chairs and tables on her freedom day and giving her money without knowing that early that day, she has done introduction with another guy and even pregnant for him! Foolish me!

11. I dig well water for his family, cloth them,take there feeding under my care.

He impregnated his neighbor & get married to her.

12. 🏃 away from school a day to exam because he is not well and I miss my paper which lead to extra money and year.

13. She didn’t have money to buy Pad during her period, I stole my sisters Pad and gave it to her everyday till her period was over😎😱🙊

14. I disowned my sister because of him.

My sister asked me to chose between her and my boyfriend.

I chose my boyfriend and disowned my elder sister.

Very stupid and crazy thing…😂😂😂😂

15. I drink gutter water because she asked me to prove my love for her

16. I lie to my mom I was going for all nights whereas I was going to see my guy.

God forgive me yah chai love stupid

17. Signing malpractice form in Imo State University (IMSU) because of one girl like that.

18. I left my family for him not knowing I was lusting not loving.

19. I dashed a girl my school fees.

20. Spent half of the semester in his place.

21. Crying and getting my self mad over the disappointment.

22. I don’t even know where to start. I have even went as far as inserting my fingers into his ass to bring out shit when he could not poo for days after trying all the remedies.

23. I bought a car for a girl, she is pregnant for another man now.

24. Sending seventy thousand for a girl I met in Facebook without seeing her and we break up in Facebook.

25. I have once giving a guy all my savings.

Bought him a phone.

Bought him groceries.

recharge his phone.

cook and take it to his house. Lol.

Gave him 50k to start recharge card business.

Rented an apartment for him because he was homeless.

many many things i can’t start mentioning.

Dude still wanted to sleep with me on top that was when i ran for my life😂😂

26. Spending my money. Finally discovered he is a married man. But he hid his status.

27. Loving him when I knew he was in a serious relationship..

28. Ignoring the chosen one just to be with the idiot who tells people am his sister but las las my eye clear

29. Calling him every day when he doesn’t call me at all.

30. Starting up a business capital for him

31. Having premarital Sex with him which I later regret.

32. Loving him not knowing he was still madly in love with his ex, but he claims they’re no more together.

Thank God I was smart to check his phone and notice it and I took a walk.

33. Bought him laptop, then he gave his girlfriend

34. I believe in all his lies just to save the relationship Hmmmmm na season film ooooh

35. Hide him under my bed not to allow my parents know.

36. I came back without letting her to know.

all I saw is she’s breastfeeding 3 month old child after paying school fees in University spending all my money and time I don’t know that she has gotten married and she continue telling me she is waiting for me.

37. I stole money from my brother’s shops to rent an apartment for him and I even tell much lies because of him

38. Uprooted the whole flower in front of my house with hand just to show her I am strong.

39. Trusting him to change when he was just a womaniser 😏😏😏

40. I sneaked out through the window

41. Borrowing money for him and standing as a surety.

42. Waiting for him to change🤣🤣🤣

Eccl.10.15 – The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city.


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