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I remember one of the encounters I had before my total surrender to God. It wasn’t like the other regular dreams, it was different. I’m my dream, my Nokia 3310 rang profusely and when I reached out to respond to the relentless caller, I was taken aback as I discovered the caller wasn’t just any common person, it was ‘GOD’. I was terrified at first, “How on earth did he find my number?” In my amazement, I picked and although I couldn’t comprehend what we discussed, I knew it was not ordinary. Then, I awoken and was filled with joy. Although I couldn’t recall what we discussed, I was still overwhelmed. Days went by and so did months and after a long while I came to understand the call and fully responded.

I must confess, it wasn’t easy letting go of earthly pleasures but I was certain there was no turning back. I lost all my friends, my fame and other advantageous benefits. I became lonely and isolated by friends but nevertheless, I knew the calling and was willing to get to the peak of it.

My first year as a believer on campus wasn’t rosy at all but in all these tests of faith, purity, righteousness, holiness, humility, trust, obedience and patience, the grace of God kept me from failing. I wouldn’t deny in few of these tests, there were carry overs, but it gave me more experience to pass the next test. Today I cannot deny that the best thing that ever happened to me was picking God’s call.

Today, God hasn’t stopped calling the lost souls, He still reaches out to us everyday. God is calling us to service. It could be He’s calling you into the ministry of evangelism, teaching or even as a gospel minstrel or a pastor, a writer, etc. one thing is certain we were saved to save others.

Now the question is, what is God calling you to do? Have you responded to His call? Remember, you were born for a purpose, do not die without achieving this purpose. GOD IS CALLING YOU!!!


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