To My dearly beloved youths and singles … read this before going into that marriage ..

TO THE BROTHERS —-Beloved if you don’t see the home training you want to give your children in her, please don’t marry that person. Its not all about being a slay Queen of mama. Except for the fact you want to raise a generation of slayers. Reason been that you’ll not always be with the children to monitor them but your wife will. And she can’t give what she don’t have . Meanwhile she’ll definitely transfer all her attitude and character into your children and you’ll live the rest of your life in pains and regrets . So take time to observe her and discover her before making a conclusive decision about her.
But if she’s a praying type,humble,God fearing,committed,hard working,well mannered and zealous in the work of God ,my dear carry go without fear because you’ll certainly be proud of your children and they’ll also make you proud wherever they found themselves. Because she’ll also transfer all her qualities into the children and make them to be like her,like what she likes,hate whatever she hates,dress as she dresses,talk like her etc…

TO THE SISTERS —- Before you say yes to that wonderful brother,please spend more time in the secret place for God’s divine perfect direction. Take more time to observe the brother despite whatever he claims to be or presents himself as. Don’t say I’ll manage him and change. Its 50/50,not certain and assurable. If there are characters you can’t condone or manage in marriage,please wait for the right person. A Lady once told me and said ** pastor, I never knew that my husband smokes and drinks until after our marriage**. And the worst part is that she’s the most committed person in her family,she followed her siblings up and brushed them up in the lord. And they all married men of God but she found herself in such a situation.
May the Almighty God help and direct you to the right person in JESUS mighty name . Wishing you the best of luck.

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