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1. Don’t ever visit opposite sex at home, in the dark alone, secluded area or anywhere alone.

2. Don’t ever sleep overnight in opposite sex room including your blood. I have counseled ladies who were having sex with the blood Brother and cousin. Don’t be deceived by any guy who says that he will sleep on the floor while you sleep on the bed.

3. Don’t make opposite sex your best friend(bestie), reading or praying partner. Many ladies confessed to me that they were raped and deflowered by their besties(opposite sex best friend) , praying or reading partner.

4. Don’t walk alone in a lonely road.

5. Don’t walk or travel in the night as a lady. Avoid late night travel by all means.

6. Don’t marry a man with no sex control or anyone who involves in premarital sex or romance. I hear many women being raped by their husbands daily. In order not be a victim, don’t marry a man who asks for premarital sex or romance.

7. Avoid erotic chats or conversation with opposite sex. This will not make men see you as sex object.

8. Avoid boyfriend and girlfriend sexualized relationship, rather go for courtship. Many ladies confessed to how their boyfriends rape them at any slight chance.

9. Don’t handle your female child or children to brothers or sisters who are not born again to take care of in case you want to travel or when they come back from school.

10. If possible, don’t allow your underage children to live with family members or anyone. Many kids are abused sexually when they are kept with people but they can’t talk due to fear.

11. Don’t hire artisans or apprentice who are not born again to work in your house when you are not around and your children are at home. A lady told me that the painter the father hired raped her and the sister because the parents were not around after they came back from school. A friend told me that their male house helps abused her many times and she could not tell her mum because the mother will never believe or beat her thereafter.

12. Never allow someone who is not born again to live with you. Many children were defiled by their uncles and aunties who are not born again.

13. Do away with provocative dresses. Avoid clothes that reveals your bumbum and breasts. Stop wearing bumshort in the public. Stop going out without bra.

14. Don’t collect money or gifts from opposite sex. You might be asked to come collect the gift in the room and you get raped.

15. Don’t hire househelp/ workers who are not born again. I love Deeper life church for this : Before they give you job, they will ask for your salvation experience.

16. Don’t allow opposite sex call you sweet names like sweetheart, honey, sexy and my love.

17. Don’t go into a relationship with someone who’s not born again.

18. Don’t call opposite sex sweet names. Stop calling men sweetheart, honey or my husband except you are in a relationship.

19. Don’t allow opposite sex touch your breast, bum bum and sensitive part of your body. Don’t allow any man lap or kiss your daughter.

20. Don’t make friends with sinners. Sinners sexual life is controlled by Satan.

21. Ensure the door and windows are opened if you unavoidably find yourself with opposite sex.

22. Don’t keep your kids with Sexual pervert and those who talk, walk and look seductively and erotic.

23. Don’t watch pornography. Pornography turns your mind to see women as sex objects only and make you a rapist. Pornography makes you see yourself as sex object only as a lady and make you rape male child.

24. Avoid masturbation. Masturbation and rape are family members. Most masturbators end up becoming a rapist. Most raped end up becoming a masturbator.

25. Don’t ever go for deliverance or prayer with a prophet or prophetess alone. Many ladies confessed to me they were raped and deflowered by Prophet all in the name of deliverance. Don’t ever believe any prophet that says until you have sex with him, you can’t be delivered. Ask him to show you Bible references before you run away. I have heard situation where fake prophets will want to bath for an adult lady or woman, then rape them in the process. Those prophet are simply suffering from lust. They are agents of Satan. Run from such!

Most rapist, masturbators, prostitutes and sexual pervert are products of rape.

Rape is avoidable!

Stop rape!

1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.—Oluwaniyi A H


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