The kind of spouse you get is a proof of either your obedience to God or your rebellion to Him

We don’t get it right maritally by praying alone, but by also being the right person.

Quitting a relationship because you can’t bear the weight of the destiny of your partner is not laziness but understanding of your capacity and purpose.

Being hellbent on not marrying someone like your ex may bring you trouble. Be flexible for God to fix you.

Attention brings affection, so apply wisdom in giving it.

The kind of spouse you get is a proof of either your obedience to God or your rebellion to Him.

Don’t smell what you don’t want to eat. Don’t waste his money before saying No.

Purpose enhances value, build it well. Don’t allow anyone to devalue you by words.

A woman can be very successful and be full of virtues concurrently. Only weak men are afraid of successful women.

Don’t learn value system from celebrities, learn from the Bible.

Refuse to be caught in a love triangle, always look before you leap.

What you sow in your relationship is what you will reap in marriage.

Never assume that all good people are already taken, God has more than enough.

There are things God wants to do in your life that your current version cannot accommodate, you need to upgrade to see them at work.

It is only God that’s designed to accept you as you are, not human beings, so work on yourself.

1 Samuel 16:7- only God looks at the heart, your appearance is important to people.

Hello ladies, don’t just look like a prayer partner; look like a wife too.

We need friends that can give us constructive criticism so that we can improve.

Don’t wear what is not convenient to impress those who do not like you.

God can show you vision according to the idol of your heart. Be careful not to marry for your own lust.

The singleness of ladies without character is because God does not want some men dead.

Attraction does not answer to prayers only, it answers to excellence.

You grow and learn by being a volunteer, don’t just warm the chair in church, get involved in active service, this is how to grow.

Know where you are going before you say I do. So that you won’t say it to someone going another direction.

What inspires you in life draws you closer. You need inspirations to remain relevant.

Never feel unworthy of anyone irrespective of their status. If Christ could die for you, who else is too important to have you?

What you look like now is just a throw back picture in years to come, so only people that can discern your seasons are worthy of your future.

Cultivate effective prayer altar with your spouse and pray strategically for each other.

Without altar, you may be happy together today but you will surely cry together later.

Battles you refused to fight on your knee will be fought by your fist.

Don’t say I do to anyone you think you can later divorce.

Pray to be led by God and choose to build by God’s method.

Don’t push the will of God away because he does not look like it.

NOTE: Don’t make salvation experience secondary in your choice of whom to marry.

credit: Pastor Femi Lazarus

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