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Last night, I dreamt that a beautiful young woman who was a serious believer was in a serious battle, the battle of purity. It was so intense that I could feel it.

There were these group of young men who had vowed to lure her into the sin of immorality. They did everything even to the point that one of these men faked his own sickness so she could visit him and get seduced.

In that dream, I was made to understand that this young lady understood the battle she was in and tried to refrain from the temptations.
But then, these men were unwilling to give up. Several times, they held meetings, conversing on strategies of how to get this lady. Day and night, meetings were held on her matter.

These men were placed in strategic positions. One was a staff in her place of work, another was a church member, one even lived in her neighbourhood and the last one was her boss, a handsome young man, who had promised to marry and take good care of her.

With time, she began to yield to one of these men. She had forgotten there was a war because she’d been distracted by the affairs of life. The pressure of marriage from her mother was becoming intense, she couldn’t take it anymore. All her mates in the fellowship were getting married almost every month and she wasn’t getting any younger. As shocking as it was, she fell into the hands of her boss.

There was a great celebration in the gathering of these men the next meeting. They had finally gotten her but then, the next stage was to defile her. They deliberated that her boss persuaded her to sleeping with him, in other words, promising to marry her after that. This he did and although she refused at the initial time, she however, gave in after series of persuasions.


However, I was also made to understand that this young lady, had a coat of salvation which was lost on the bed of immorality. After the evil was done, she couldn’t find this precious coat. She had become naked and was ashamed to work on the street.
Her boss told her not to worry and gave her another garment to wear. When she put it on, she was amazed at her reflection on the mirror because what she had been given to wear was the attire of a harlot. She had no other choice but to go home with it.

Arriving home, she saw an old man and couldn’t decipher what it was he wanted and what he was doing in her apartment.

“Where is your coat of salvation?” He asked.

“I lost it, baba,” she replied, surprised how this old man had gotten to know of her lost coat.

Hands akimbo, he shook his head. “That coat was priceless,” he said.
“It was given to you for a covering. It was your shield against the wind of destruction. It was a coat of purity, holiness and righteousness. It was your identity as a believer.
But you lost it on the bed of immorality, how then can you be saved.
You have put off your coat and have put on the attire of a harlot, and now heaven can no longer identify whom you are,” he said finally.

And then, I opened my eyes with perspiration dripping down my temple.

“THE COAT OF SALVATION…” I repeated those words aloud as I deliberated on my dream.


‘THE COAT OF SALVATION’, do you still have it?

Have you lost it in sin?

If not, please don’t lose it because it is worth more than the whole world.

It is your identity and your reputation.

Don’t lose it for mere pleasure for it is priceless.

A short fiction written by: #CHIOMA_J

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