1John 4:20 “for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

Yet again The Apostle of Love gives us the true Mark of our Christian Profession, this is simply a validation of knowing who’s is saved or not.

If someone should ask me, Sir? “Please what is the true mark of a Christian?” Some might immediately say, “Holiness,Anointing, Prayer, Or Even Spiritual Gift” but I had say, “LOVE”

Now, I am not ignorant of how perverted and watered down this word has crumbled in our selfish millennial age but I am speaking on Gods Kind Of Love.

There are some whose love cannot cross the roof of their house, their love is in theory, their love has no hands or legs to walk but they can speak ten thousands words about this subject, in the end their love only ends in words and a self centered egoistic prideful adoration…

They say, “Oh brother, I Love God, I Can die for God, I Can Sacrifice all for him, I Can give him my Money and Food” but alas they forget God is a Spirit, spirits doesn’t need your food, spirit doesn’t need your physical death or outward self centered sacrifice but God (spirit) needs your action of Love to people, especially those who don’t measure up to receive your abundant gift of Charity..

Is this not why you are so full of yourself and depressed? Because even your love is all about you, its motives springs from a wrong mindset.

You are now so full of yourself that you can’t even check on your brother/sister, your childish and worldly attitude says, “I don’t care, if they don’t check on me I won’t also check on them”

Ah! What if Jesus had say, “if they don’t come first to submit a reconciliation letter as the wrong party neither would i die for them”
Indeed, If Jesus had practice such kind of Love, we had all been in Hell by now, but Thank God for his Salvation is By Grace (Love).

So you see how futile such logic is my dear friends…


No wonder The Beloved Apostle says, “for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

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