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He is a Pastor and so when he asked me out, I felt the angels of God will be our bridal train and grooms men!

I accepted after some cajoling despite some alarms within. However, I was set free. Yet, not everyone got set free like I did!

Vivian will watch her Single Charismatic Pastor preach and all she could dream of was having such a powerful man of God as a husband. With him, even if he wasn’t so rich, she could guess a security for her marriage.

Afterall, what do most women want? A sense of security and assurance that she’s the only one the deer is panting after.

As a lady, have you ever admired your Pastor on the pulpit and wished he could marry you or even divorce his wife? Hahahaha

Or you wondered where you were before he made his choice?

Well… I want you to know that there’s a huge difference between a title and a person.

Vivian by whatever it is, got connected to her Pastor and through counseling here and there, Pastor asked for her hand in marriage.

“Oh my! am I dreaming? Someone should please wake me up from this dream ” Vivian screamed within and without.

In few months they were married BUT few months down the line, Vivian soon discovered that her Pastor husband was a cheat, a liar and an irresponsible man!

Vivian has cried and cried and praying to God and demanding how he could have allowed her to fall into such a trap. What she is not realising is that she didn’t even ask God in the first place. After all, he is a Pastor!

Here’s a wake up call to those who have tied their choice of a life partner to a title. That’s dangerous!

There’s a pharmacy in my area. People tend to call any man that opens a pharmacy Doctor and you can see that feeling of importance and pride in them. Hahahaha.

To marry that man because he’s called a Doctor will be a disaster. What actually matters is *who he is and what he does*

Yes! You can be a born again Christian and still make a wrong choice if you don’t look at the fruits but just the tree.

How about guiding you on this journey and making you a balanced decision maker?

Your eventual fulfilment is what I’m crazy about!

I’m writing this just for you!

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