Have you ever thought of the events that will take place on the day of rapture? The commotion and confusion that will be aroused on that day will be beyond human imagination.

The whole world will be unable to comprehend the happenings of that day because many will disappear mysteriously in the market places, churches, schools airplane, buses, train, ship, homes and everywhere.

Between husband and wife, one will be taken and the other left; between silblings, some will be taken and the others left; between pastors and members, those who are ready will be taken and the others left. It shall be a great day of sorrow, weeping and repentance but it’ll be too late by then.

Many will no longer see relevance in their wealth, career, academics and everything that they once held on to. Some will burn their certificate, money, gold and so on. There will be great lamentation for those who’ll miss the rapture.

Therefore, knowing fully well that the rapture is at hand, let us not be ignorant like the foolish virgins, but conscious, knowing there is no more time. For those who will miss the rapture, it shall be a terrible day for them.

Now is the time of grace, the best time to amend and reconcile with God because after the rapture, the grace will depart. Do not isolate this message but take advantage of it to checkmate your life and ensure that nothing is standing between you and God.

Make haste to take away those things that’ll hinder you from making heaven before they bring you down. Cut tiles with every ungodly friend. Return back to the faith and God will receive you back. Make the necessary restitution and confession now and ensure that you follow peace with all men

Finally, ensure purity, holiness, righteousness and abstain from all appearance of evil. Remember, holiness is the beauty of a believer.


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