How to approach an intellectual, visionary and spiritual woman.

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Guys, I thought I should give you a clue on how to approach an intellectual, visionary and spiritual woman. You already know how to win the regular girl, but if you tend to have a rather sophisticated taste in women, then you may have to step up your game. You don’t get to find this kind of women everywhere. So when you do, here’s how not to blow your chances of getting her, please.

1. If y’all meet on social media, like most relationships are forged these days, try as much as possible to type in good English. Shorthand and bad English can be a huge turnoff, no offence intended.

2. Now, when you have your English in order, please endeavour to type something meaningful. An intelligent woman is often stimulated by conversations that require thinking. She may not have all the facts, but she can come up with very awesome points to make it an interesting convo.

3. Find out her interests and engage her. Take genuine interest in what she’s about. Ask about her job, academics (if she’s a student), dreams, her plans on how to get there and just listen as she talks passionately about these things.Make meaningful conversations about life in general, family, kids, love, goals, things that make sense. She’s that kinda woman who ain’t only about fashion and celebrities. You name any deep agenda, she’s willing to talk about it and learn from you if need be.

4. Until she gets comfortable with you, which will take time, try not to talk mushy, as she won’t respond in kind. She’s emotional, yes; but not with just anyone. You’re still trying to win her affections, dude. Focus. Just have meaningful conversations with her and get her to be your friend. Get her to let down her guards and be comfortable with you. Build a progressive friendship until she comes to like you as a person. Only then can you even hope to unveil her emotional side. Otherwise, push her too hard in the marriage direction and watch her run. Heck, she doesn’t even know who you are.

5. Furthermore, please don’t try to flirt with her. That’s proof that you’re clearly up to no good and you’re certainly not her type. Look, she doesn’t have time to waste on philanderers and she’s not going to let you play that game with her. She doesn’t even want to mix up with your kind. Hope you didn’t take that too hard. It’s just plain truth. Here’s the drill. This kind of women tend to be too polite to tell you where to stick your advances. They’d just calmly explain that they’re verily not interested. However, the moment you do that, you’ve lost her. She may not reply your next text. If you disturb her too much, she could simply block you. Sorry.

6. They don’t care if you have 5 estates in Dubai. Yeah, I get it. Men tend to take pride in their material possession and believe it earns them some bragging rights. However, these women don’t care. Okay, that’s not entirely true. She doesn’t want a man who has nothing doing and has no practical plans in position to fix that, within a reasonable time frame. As a woman, she’s already achieving something and she would love to know that you are not complacent. This is an intelligent woman you’re dealing with here, and it would take a lot to convince her that she can trust your leadership. She does want to know that you’re visionary, hardworking and you have a tangible means of livelihood. But that’s about it. The rest of the ride from hereon will depend on who you are, as a person.

7. She takes Jesus pretty seriously. If you ever hint that she’s overdoing it, bro, you just better run along. Yo, see ya. Was nice talking to you. She’s not even considering anything else if you don’t have this basic relationship with God. She watches you warily at first, for any attempt to attack her relationship with God or for some- sorry, trash talk about how it’s all religion. Okay, this is her sweetheart you’re talking about here. She knows Him personally, hears Him talk to her, loves Him with her life and you call that what? So, you better get it right with God before you come to her. Funny thing is, you can’t even pretend to have a walk with God, when you don’t give a rat’s ass. With time, her spirit will definitely detect that.

8. And this is very important. Please. Like, puh-lease, don’t ever try to talk down on her or make her feel like her dreams are irrelevant. That’s the quickest way to make her race for the door, leaving her shoes behind. Knowing the magnitude of what she carries, one of her biggest fears is being sabotaged. She wants a man who is secure in whom he is and is willing to push her to any height she could possibly attain.

9. If you ever make her feel like her opinions don’t matter, rest assured she’ll pack up and disappear, before you say Jack Robinson. Being an intellectual, she’s rather opinionated and the least you could do is to gently counter her points, which is stimulating, as she’d love to hear what you think. She finds it impressive if you give good reasons and engage your mind. However, don’t expect her to agree with everything you say, simply because you said it. She’s a woman that thinks. Her brain is one of her assets.

10. She’s wise and has a lot to offer, so she’s usually quite an influence. Not necessarily on a large scale, but around her and within her little sphere, she’s a force. You’ll be an absolute darling if you help her make the most of it. If you can’t, at least don’t get in the way. However, if you ever ask her to shut it and keep quiet; bro, e go be✌.The rule of thumb concerning this is, if you find the quiet one, don’t try to make her loud. If you find the loud one, don’t try to make her quiet. If you find the ambitious one, endeavour to be encouraging. If you find the less ambitious one, don’t push her overboard. If you can’t keep up, go find someone you’re more compatible with. They’re both visionary, but in slightly different ways. God didn’t make a mistake by creating dynamism.

11. Finally, if you can’t respect them, then there’s probably no woman you can respect. Their very presence and existence, commands respect. If you don’t give it, she will demand it and if you can’t meet up, then you may need to return to mama’s apron strings to learn some. She ain’t taking your nonsense or tryna teach you manners. No apologies too.With this, I hope you now know how to approach that fascinating woman you’ve always had your eye on. Just get your act together and shoot. Tell me about it later.

Good luck! 😀© Adaeze Rosemary Possible

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