Weird traditional marriage practices that exist in some part of Nigeria

Ijaw ethnic group, which is the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria has weird marriage practices that I witnessed as a child. Your wallet must be heavy before you venture into marriage in Nigeria. During the wedding ceremony, an Ijaw bride is expected not to smile until she has been showered with lot of money by the groom and his family. Besides this, the wife is all veiled-up with other women and the groom have to be able to recognize his wife through touch, feeling, smell. If he can’t then he will be charged to pay money for the women to un-veiled and reveal his wife.

This is done before she’s handed over to the groom as a wife. The husband and his kinsmen line up to spray the bride as she sits down to be observed by all.


After this, there are people who practically watch to confirm the smile before she can be given to the groom as a wife.

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