Diversity of Blacks in Africa

Black people in Africa are diverse. Fun-fact is that if you are not African you might see us as the same but the truth is that Africans don’t see themselves that way. When we see our complexion we could tell where each individual is coming from whether he or she is East African, South, West or North. One thing that distinguish us is our accent and pronunciation, history, language, dressing, art and looks..

Each region sound differently, have different cultural beliefs and personality. The way a Ghanaian might call pastor might be different from a Nigerian and the way South African might call colleague might different. Nigeria alone has up-to 250 different ethnic groups and each of these groups have a different history, language, dressing, art and looks and complexion.

See pic Below

The Igbo people (Southeastern Nigeria)

The Yoruba people (Southwestern Nigeria)

The Ijaw people (Central and Southern Nigeria)

The Edo people (Southern Nigeria)

Calabar people. (They hold spectacular carnivals).

The Hausa people (Northern Nigeria)

The Ibibio (Southern Nigeria)

The Fulani (Northern Nigeria)

The Tiv (Central and Southern Nigeria)

The Kanuri (Northern Nigeria)

The Urhobo people (Southern Nigeria)

And these are just from one country.

Maybe we should move all the way down to East Africa and explore some of the ones there.

Luo of Kenya

Somali of Somalia

The Amhara of Ethiopia

Oromo of Ethiopia

Dinka of South Sudan

The Kikuyu of Kenya

The Maasai of Kenya

The Mursi of Ethiopia

The Chaga of Tanzania

Here are some from Central Africa

Luba people of DRC

Bamileke people of Cameroon

Fang people of Equatorial Guinea

Baka pygmies of Cameroon

Now let’s head down to Southern Africa

Xhosa of South Africa

The Swazi of Swaziland

Himba of Namibia

Coloureds of South Africa (mixed race South Africans who developed their own distinct culture)

Sotho of Lesotho

Zulu of South Africa

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