5 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money Online While you Sleep

1- Start an Online Business

The best way to make passive income is obviously to start a legit profitable digital business, where everything will be under your own control, which is actually a good thing. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT 💭💭💭OF CHANGING THE WAY YOU LIVE AFTER MANY YEARS OF WORKING LONG HOURS AND BEING AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY? How long shall we work hard to achieve a stress-free LIFE❓❓❓?Working abroad is absolute an option✅, but I’ll tell you, the more income 💹💸you have, the more expenses/bills you get! Single income can’t suffice all your needs. YES, credit cards 💳are of big help! But until when will you USE IT and live with high interest debts❓⁉️🔥Start a side hustle that can be run while working full or part time! I started my own digital side business since January 2021 and I am so happy I did. This business is global and can be done from any part of the world, No experience necessary. Training and coaches will be provided to you to guide you, plus . No prior experience necessary, no pushing of product or bugging of family and family. All you need to do is plugin with a phone or computer and wifi. Sign up to watch free webinar by following link www.chiomawopara.com or Scan the bar code to check it out. There is no risk involved, do your due diligent and I promise you, you will never regret it. if you are coachable and willing to learn the sky is not your limit. START NOW at https://www.chiomawopara.com/

May be an image of 2 people, phone and text that says "CHIOMA Digital Marketing Do you wish to start a side hustle you wish to work less hours 3 spend quality time with family 4. Scan me here OR Sign up https//www.chomawopara.com/ COMSU 1 A WOPAR DIGITAL MEDE MARKETIN"

2. Youtube Channel

Having your own Youtube channel and uploading interesting content on it, is another way to make passive income. It’s no less than a dream job for anyone. You’ll be paid here for your passion and interest. I started my youtube channel and this has paid me well by just uploading videos from my phone. Here is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS9kQuemizHMvvl2v6U_6mw

3. Create Images and Videos

You might have seen some documentaries and informational videos on youtube. They all are using some premade footage available on images and like Shutterstock. These platforms give the opportunity to creators to sell royalty of their content.

4. Whole Sale Marketing

For this business, you are required to contact some manufacturers to get products on wholesale rates and then you will have to resell them to retailers with your profit. This business is huge and limitless. An example of a person is Alibaba Group of Jack Ma.

5. ECommerce Store

Buy some products in bulk for wholesale rates and start selling them online with your profit. You can sell those products on social media platforms like ebay, Amazon and others.

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